Best Cam For 96 Cubic Inch Harley

Best Cam For 96 Cubic Inch Harley
Best Cam For 96 Cubic Inch Harley

Are you looking to optimize your 96 cubic inch Harley’s engine performance? A vigorous cam is the greatest secret to enhancing your motorcycle’s engine power.

And if you want to ride in style, you have to get hold of the most authentic and assertive camshaft that will boost your engine’s power and last for many months.

That is not always easy as it sounds. Many manufacturers will boast and promise high performance, but the fact is, not all cams for 96 cc are genuine. So, how do you arrive at the best cam for 96 cubic inch Harley? This guide has it all.

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Top 7 Best Cam for 96 Cubic Inch Harley

When selecting the best cam for 96 cubic Harley, its performance is a top priority. The lobe profile will determine the length of your motorcycle’s valve stroke.

In addition, if the manufacturer tailors the cam to maximize your engine’s potential, it is the perfect cam. The higher the lift on the lobe, the greater the engine power potential.

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1. Andrews 57H Chain Drive Cam Set for Harley Davidson 2006 Dyna

This 2007-13 Big Twin cam is my first on the list of the best cam for 96 cubic inch Harley. Andrew’s brand is undoubtedly indisputable. Its cam uniquely comes with fuel injection and carburetor models. This model is a sure bet for low restriction exhaust.

No problems if you use Andrews 5H chain drive with stock valve springs and tappets. The cam uses CAD and CNC, thus highly powerful, dependable, and outstanding performance. You are sure that this cam will increase the engine power at the 2200 to 5600 RPM range for your Harley engine.

Even more fantastic is its perfect performance on other engines like 103-inch limited and the110-inch CVO. Its splined chain drive has two bearings; one roller and one ball-bearing.  

Lastly, the cam kit combines a four-gear set installation, including the 0925-0166 or 0925-0152 for 07-17 Twin Cam, 06 Dyna applications, and DS-199532 for 99-06 applications. If you are installing for yourself, check the coil bind, the valve-to-piston clearance, and the valve-to-valve clearance.

Key Features

  1. Splined Chain Drive design.
  2. Stock valve springs and tappets.
  3. Four-gear set installation.
  4. Carbureted and injected models.


  • Top-quality kit.
  • Great performance.
  • High torque gains.
  • Great loping.
  • Low-end power.


  • Complicated installation process.

2. S&S Cycle 509G Gear Drive Touring Cam Kit

S&S Cycle 509G is another pick for 96 cubic inch Harley. The Cam Kit features a bolt-in design for boosting your engine.  

If your model ranges between 1999-2006, this camshaft will be a good fit. The 509G gear drive model makes everything better for your motorcycle.

You get great low and mid-range torque that is perfect for your engine. Plus, the camshaft comes with a 180 PSI cranking compression, meaning that you don’t need a compression release. Its stock compression ratio equals Idle-4500 rpm.

The cam comes as a complete set of one roller and ball bearing, among other installation components. S&S Cycle 509G Gear Drive Touring Cam Kit is available in two versions: the gear drive and the chain drive. That way, they can match up with your Harley cam 96 cubic inches.

Key Features

  1. Two drive versions: Gear drive and chain drive.
  2. 180 PSI cranking compression.
  3. Stock compression ratio Idle-4500 rpm.
  4. Bolt-in design.


  • Straightforward installation process.
  • Great performance.
  • No irritating noise.
  • Low and mid-range torque.
  • Doesn’t require compression release.
  • High-quality kit with all installation components.
  • Free spinning gear.
  • 180 PSI cranking compression delivery.
  • Attractive packaging.


  • Bumpy power delivery

3. S&S Cycle 551CE Easy Start Camshaft Kit 106-4947

Here is another S&S camshaft kit for your 96 inches Harley. The 551CEcam is unique for engines ranging from 96 to 106 CID. It perfectly fits on a 9:1 to 10:1 compression. And like the S&S 509G, the cam features a bolt-in design.

If your Harley is a stock or mildly modified touring bike, then this cam is a suitable match. It significantly improves low-end and mid-range torque. Also, you will be integrating the strongest idle-4000rpm.

S&S Chain Drive Cams are affordable and a great way to boost engine performance. Installation is also easy as the camshaft components are available in the packaging. You can also reuse a variety of stock components. With a stock starter, you can start any engine.

This kit comes with camshaft bearings, a gear cover gasket, and complete fixing instructions. That lessens the installation times time and troubles. S&S reasonably prices the whole package to make it affordable to all Harley owners.

 Key Features

  1. Low end and midrange torque.
  2. 96-106 engine fit.
  3. Idle-4000 rpm.
  4. Bolt-in design.


  • Solves engine starting issues.
  • Low-end smooth power.
  • Offers good torque.
  • Affordable price.
  • Complete kit.
  • Boosts engine performance.


  • Irritating noise.

4. Feuling Reaper 574 Chain-Driven Cams For Twin Cam 1009

The Feuling Reaper 574 camshaft is a wicked power band that uniquely suits modified engines. Like the cams I have analyzed above, it also comes with an incredible bolt-in design.

And the design is dedicated to all 96-inch stock engines, including 96 cubic inch Harley. You can also use the camshaft on the 103 and 110-inch stock engines.

Getting Feuling Reaper means an excellent low-end performance cam. It is the best in power as it offers good top and mid-end power.

Are you worried about your motorcycle’s modified cylinder head? You shouldn’t, as the camshaft responds perfectly to these types of engines. That’s the same for the exhaust and intake system and the increased compression ratio.

The Feuling Reaper model features a very smooth lobe design. This lobe creates a quiet and smooth valve train. Plus, you will be getting a minimum of 2100 to a maximum of about 6500 RPM power.

If you purchase Feuling Reaper 574 camshaft for 99-04 engines, you will need performance valve springs, lifters, and pushrods.

Key Features

  1. 2100-6500 rpm power.
  2. Linear horsepower.
  3. Bolt-in camshaft upgrade.
  4. Torque curve.
  5. Low- and mid-range power.
  6. Smooth lobe design.


  • Incredibly low-end performance.
  • Works in modified cylinder heads.
  • Impressive torque.
  • Smooth cam lobe design.


  • Expensive camshaft.

5. Andrews C Cam For Harley Davidson Shovelhead 78-84

We are again back to the Andrews camshafts. We cannot hide that Andrews manufactures the best twin cam 96 performance upgrades. The company uses superior technology to deliver easy to use and durable products.

And that gives you the fifth on our review for best cam for 96 cubic inch Harley is Andrews C Cam for Harley Davidson Shovelhead 78-84. This big twin camshaft design combines dependability with good performance.

The cam design offers big street engines a relief. Thanks to its torque range of 2000-7000 RPM. This RPM fits the 1954 to 1978 Harley engines.

The Andrew C Cam’s mid-range and top-end power are superior. They boost all types of riding, including the most vigorous street-riding and dirt bike riding.

The performance is top-notch and embeds the most robust alloy steel billets under heat-treated processes. Plus, you can turn on this camshaft using strokers from 84 to 96 Inches.

Key Features

  1. Allow steel billets
  2. Torque range 2000-7000 RPM.
  3. Twin camshaft.
  4. Top-end and mid-range power.


  • Highly dependable cam for 96 cubic inch Harley.
  • Great performance.
  • Provides broad and high-power range (2000 to 7000 RPM)
  • Perfect mid and top-end power.
  • Camshaft turns in using 84-96 inched strokers.


  • The camshaft package doesn’t include fixing instructions.
  • Few reviews.

6. S&S Cycle Gear Drive Easy Start Cams 585GE Twin Cam

Start your engine painlessly with S&S 585GE Twin Cam. If you install this camshaft, you don’t have to worry about stock starters with displacement or compression ratios. 

S&S new easy start cams work with two exhaust lobes. They combine with a spring-loaded compression release lobe on the ‘heal’ of the camshaft.

The heal is where the valve closes typically. It holds the exhaust valve open at a cranking speed, which releases some compression, allowing the engine to crank quickly.

The RPM increases when the engine starts, and the compression releases the lobe centrifugally. It retracts, prompting your motorcycle’s engine to run normally. The machine then runs with full compression without losing on its performance.

S&S 585-inch cams design fits 88 to 96-inch engines and has compression ratios ranging from 10 to 10.5:1. The 100 and 107-inch engines range from 9.7:1 to 10.5:1 compression.

Install S&S 585 and improve the valve timing accuracy by removing the timing chain lash and utilizing the accessible start engine features.

Key Features

  1. Automatic compression release.
  2. Easy start, camshaft.
  3. Bolt-in performance.
  4. Chain-drive camshafts.


  • Improves valve timing accuracy.
  • gears spin smoothly.
  • Clear installation instructions.
  • Ultimate performance.


  • Few customer reviews.

7. Feuling Reaper 543 Gear-Driven Cams ForTwin Cam 1022

Finally, I return to the Feuling Reaper brand, the 543 inch twin cam. Go for this camshaft if you need a high top-end power combined with good low-end torque.

Feuling Reaper 543 cam lobe is smooth and has a layout that maintains a quiet valve train. The lobe also delivers a smooth cruise power band for astounding internal engine combustion.

Do you desire a flawless and easy engine start? Get this 1900-6000rpm twin cam. The cam also improves your bike’s throttle response and fuel mileage.

In addition, you will not encounter modified performance exhaust, compression ratio, or high-flow air cleaner issues. Feuling responds quite well with all the above.

And when it comes to bolt-in camshaft designs, Feuling Reaper is top on the mark. It matches two stock engines, the 96-inch, and 103-inch beasts. If you have 88-inch and 95-inch engines, you can try the 543. It will rhyme smoothly.

Note that if you buy this camshaft for a 99-04 engine, you have to bring in valve springs. I also recommend pushrods and lifters on your engine. 

Key Features

  1. 1900-6000 RPM.
  2. Smooth lobe.
  3. Low-end torque.
  4. Bolt-in design.


  • Easy engine.
  • Great top-end power.
  • Excellent low-end torque.
  • Easy installations.
  • Broad RPM range.
  • Enhances fuel mileage.


  • High price.

Best Cam For 96 Cubic Inch Harley Dyna Buyer’s Guide

When purchasing the best twin cam 96 performance upgrades, you will discover no hard or fast rules for picking the kit. But it is not a smooth process, either. The above list of best cams for 96 CC Harley is not enough.

You also require lots of research, analysis, and of course, a budget. I have compiled for you a basic guideline that is worth considering before buying a cam for your 96 cubic inches Harley. Keep reading to point out a good camshaft from unworthy ones.


The torque and power performance are top considerations when buying a cam for your 96 cubic inch Harley. Choose a high-performing camshaft design for the best performance.

The performance also includes the speed range. For low speeds, you don’t need the low-range camshaft. You have to pick a heavy-duty cam with high RPM.


Analyze your bike and look for a compatible camshaft. An incompatible one will frustrate, slow, or damage your engine. Your bike user manual can tell you the type of cam to buy. Equally, cams have a list of bikes that they match up with perfectly. Remember that a slight contrast can bring considerable engine damage.

Valve Lift

A valve lift is a crucial feature to inspect when buying a camshaft for your Harley. The measurements are in inches and determine lift from the seat on the cylinder.

A camshaft with more valve lift allows more air and exhaust via the engine. That increases the overall engine performance and rocker arm ratio.

Body Material

Camshafts come in two different materials; steel and cast iron. The steel and cast iron have varying properties and structures, offering additional rigidity and hardness. Steel cams have a higher mechanical load than cast iron. On the flip, cast iron has a more rigid surface but a better lifespan. Choose a cam that is rigid on the surface and well molded.

 Lobe Separation Angle

The degree between the intake lobe to the exhaust lobe is the lobe separation angle. It’s a crucial consideration when buying a cam as it is directly related to the functionalities of your bike’s engine.

If you miss the lobe separation angle, the timing of the exhaust and intake valves will happen, and the engine won’t perform well.


Although this consideration comes last, I deliberately point it out after the material. The price you will pay for a cam depends on the build quality.

A steel cam will be cheaper for you than a cast-iron one. But it will not have a longer lifespan than the iron cam. So, as you consider the price of steel, keep in mind the durability.


The duration of your cam is the time the valve stays off its seat. We calculate the duration in crankshaft rotation degrees.

Many camshaft brands list two durations, the advertised and duration at .050 inches. The 0.050 is the universally accepted measurement. So, consider the duration first before buying a camshaft.


Camshaft installation is not a smooth walk in the park. It becomes more complicated if you are a novice. Some things will be safer if you leave them to the expert. An expert will choose and perform the best twin cam 96 performance upgrades for you, so give them a chance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):Provably You Love to Know About The Best Cam for 96 Cubic Inch Harley

Q: What camshaft should i purchase for my motorcycle?

A: The right camshaft for your motorcycle should be compatible, have excellent build quality, and have high performance. If you get one that is not compatible or suitable for your bike, you will damage the engine beyond repair.

Q: What size is a 96 cc Harley?

A: A 96-cubic inches Harley is equivalent to 95mm (3.75 in) in size, and the stroke is 102mm (4.00 in). When buying components for any Harley model, refer to your user manual to ensure that you purchase the exact size.

Q: Is the 96 cc Harley motor good?

A: The 96 CC Harley motor is dependable and powerful. In the Harley family, this is one of the most reliable motors.

Q: How long will a twin cam 96 cubic inch Harvey last?

A: Quality twin cams last up to 100,000 miles. You can service them regularly to serve you up to this distance.

Q: How can I know the engine size of my Harley?

A: Use the stroke and bore specifications on your user manual or engine spec sheet to accurately determine the size of your engine. 

Final Words

You have up to 7 best cam for 96 cubic inch Harley. All the products are compatible with your 96 cubic inch Harley. Lean your choice on the factors I set before you on the buyer’s guide.

The guide also ensures that nothing goes amiss during your purchases. If your budget is healthy, you should place durability top among the list. You will pay more but end up with advanced qualities.

Finally, all the products I mention above promises long-lasting and superior performance. Enhance your bike’s engine power by getting the most compatible reliable 96 cubic inch Harley horsepower.

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