Boost Your Car With The Best Cam For Chevy 305

Best Cam For Chevy 305
Best Cam For Chevy 305

A Chevy 305 is a powerful sports car. For it to have extra power, you require a high-quality camshaft. However, it is pretty challenging to choose the best cam for chevy 305, while maintaining good drivability.

Before upgrading your car with the right cam, make sure you understand why you need the upgrade. There are several reasons for adding a powerful cam to your Chevy 305. For example, increased horsepower, cars durability, and additional performance.

Best Cam for Chevy 305 Reviews

The best cam for Chevy 305 ought to be compatible with your car. Besides, it should have an RPM range that matches the engine. I have aimed at making things easier for you by providing you with all the information you require to make your decision.

In this article, I have made a concise list of the top choices on the market today. Hence, narrow down your options and decide the best 305 performance cam to buy.

1. COMP Cams 12-246-3 Xtreme Energy 230/236 Hydraulic Flat Cam

This is one of the best cams for Chevy 305 you will find on the market. It has a basic operating range of 1800-6000 RPM. Besides, it has a 110-degree lobe separation angle.

Luckily, it has a faster opening lobe that can deliver an increase in responsiveness together with more area under the lift curve. Additionally, it offers better throttle response and more top-end horsepower than other equivalent cams when using an aggressive lobe profile.

This camshaft features more vacuum. Its role is to allow your car to increase the duration for improved performance and help power breaks. Typically, this cam offers ideal performance in the street carbureted applications designed on the recent technology.

Key Features

  1. 1800-6000 RPM power range.
  2. Strong mid-range torque.
  3. 487/ 490 valve lift.


  • It does not need too much fuel.
  • Value for money.
  • Easy to install.
  • Great sound with perfect on-road performance.


  • It does not work in an LS application.

2.  Lunati 10120102LK Bare Bones 224/234 Hydraulic Flat Cam

It features a noticeable idle with a 112-degree lobe separation angle, ideal mid-range, and upper RPM power. This is the perfect camshaft you need to get for excellent performance and mild bracket racing. It has a 0.465”/0.488 valve lift.

Additionally, this Chevy 305 roller cam comes with an asymmetrical lobe design. Its line significantly increases throttle response and acceleration with an operating range of 2000 to 6000 RPM.

With a sleek design, this cam offers an excellent sound with idle. Once the camshaft gets warmed up, the sound gets smooth.

Key Features

  1. Sleek design.
  2. An asymmetrical lobe design.
  3. 2000-6000 RPM operating range.
  4. 0.465/0.488 valve lift.
  5. It has a noticeable idle.
  6. 112-degree lobe separation angle.


  • Its sound is awesome.
  • Comes with a set of instructions, lifters, and assembly lubricants.
  • Sleek design with modern technology.


  • It is not a stock replacement cam.

3. Comp Cams 12-326-4 Magnum 236/236 Hydraulic Flat Cam

This cam is specifically designed for hot street racing cars. It needs a higher concentration ratio, rear-end gear ratio alongside a stall torque converter than stock. These magnum hydraulic camshafts produce a maximum top-end performance for your vehicle with a competitive outline.

It has an operating range of 2200-6200 RPM. Additionally, it has a 110-degree lobe separation angle with a 490/490 inches valve lift.

Also, this cam offers an excellent sound with rough idle. You will notice a race idle car with the 280-grind that produces a rumbly idle. It is easy on valve train parts. Besides, it can be used with mild ratio rocker arms and conventional performance valve springs.

Key Features

  1. 2200-6200 RPM operating range.
  2. 490”/490” valve lift.
  3. 110-degree lobe separation angle.


  • Great for streetcars.
  • Best with aftermarket converter.
  • Great sound and performance.
  • Provides an impressive exhaust duration.
  • Offers an amazing RPM power.


  • Lifters are not long-lasting as cams.
  • Require a lot of vacuum pressure.

4. Comp Cams 12-206-2 High Energy/ Marine 212/212 Hydraulic Flat Cam

This is the best complete camshaft you can get on the market. It offers you the right blend of fuel and air for the top performance of your vehicle. The cam weighs 9 pounds and does not weigh your car down once it accelerates.

It has a lift valve of 0.454 inches. This allows the cam to allow more air in the engine.

You need to get this camshaft if you want that big, hard-hitting idle sound at the exhaust. Its operating range is 1500-5500 RPM. This makes it great for streetcars. Also, it comes from the best brands.

Key Features

  1. 1500-5500 RPM.
  2. 0.454 inches valve lift.
  3. 110 degrees lobe separation.
  4. Valve springs are needed.
  5. Universal fit type.


  • It has more low-end torque, reverse higher.
  • Tighter lobe separation.
  • Good street performance with stock converter.
  • Highly recommended by buyers.


  • This model sounds nasty with electric exhaust cutouts.

5. Comp Cams 08-444-8 Xtreme Energy 248/254 Hydraulic Roller Cam

It is created by the direct input of valve opening as well as long exhaust duration. This is return, give you more power and hard-hitting exhaust note.

This camshaft features a 110-degree lobe separation and a 3200-6200 operating range. On the other hand, it has a 0.562”/0.580” valve lift.

Moreover, it assures you excellent performance in the street carbureted applications. It has quicker opening lobe profiles that deliver enhanced responsiveness in addition to more area under the lift curve.

Its more vacuum permits an increase in duration for enhanced performance and assists power brakes. Also, it guarantees you the best performance with aftermarket intake headers, manifolds, and lower gear ratios, among others.

Key Features

  1. 3200-6200 RPM operating range.
  2. 0.562”/0.580” valve lift.
  3. 110-degree lobe separation.


  • It has a noticeable loping idle.
  • Great for on-the-street drivability.
  • It has the lobe for the mechanical fuel pump.


  • Short lifespan.

Things to Consider Buying Best Cam For Chevy 305

Finding the best Chevy cam for 305 can be a challenge.  This is because there are unlimited offerings, and every manufacturer claim to be better than others. When making purchases, ensure you have a guarantee of your investments and the benefits you will get. To make your search easy and convenient, I have listed below some of the crucial factors you need to consider before making your purchase.


Make sure you buy a camshaft that is compatible with your engine. The last mistake you want to have is over-cam with too much duration or valve lift. Its valve lift should not be too high or too low. It has to be perfect for the engine. Otherwise, the cams might be stuck up in position.  Hence, ensure you have a good concept concerning your engine specifications. This means you should have a proper understanding of your engine to help you get a matching can that fits.

RPM Range

RPM is the best performing range of the engine. The RPM ought to match the engine; else, it will be useless. Once the cam complements the engine, it will run elegantly while lifting it and enhancing its duration. Thus, you cannot overlook this factor.

Valve Springs

When installing a new cam, one of the significant challenges one can encounter is using valve springs that do not match it. You may fail to get the proper RPM performance or use since stock springs are bound up or very weak to handle the lift. For the high lifts, you have to use the valves manufacturers recommend. Nevertheless, stock springs work perfectly for stock cams that have low lifts.


Chevy 305 is indeed a famous motor. This means you can find many camshafts on the lookout for it. Typically, these items are diversely estimated. Most of the high-quality ones are from familiar brands. Buying from a well-known organization is an added benefit as you have an assurance of buying quality products. The best cams for a Chevy 305 are not too expensive compared to other models. They range from 150 dollars to 300 dollars. Therefore, make sure you get what you want based on your budget.


Before making purchases, ensure you already know how much force and execution you require from your cammed 305. Once you have done that, you can now go in, and gander at the force together with the working reach particulars of different camshafts.

Here, choose the one that guarantees you superior force and execution. If you need a massive overhaul on your force and performance, it is worth selecting a substantial camshaft. Otherwise, a lower range of 305 cams is what you need if you search for improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Best Cam for Chevy 305

Q: How do I fix incorrect break-ins?

A: Consider filling the crankcase with new, non-synthetic oil. You should do this after accurately introducing lubricant to the cam and lifters. Afterward, prime the oil system using an electric drill and a priming tool. Doing this enables all the oil to pass and cause the oil filter to be full.

In this process, you need a timed ignition and the fuel system primed. Filling the cooling system is what needs to follow. You can begin with the engine by running it between 1500-3000 RPM.

Make sure the pushrods are spinning at break-in. The lifters will be spinning as well in this case. Failure to have them spinning will make the lifter and cam lobe fail.

Q: Is it safe to drive with a bad cam?

A: You can keep driving your car even if it runs without a stall, produces funny sounds, or has acceleration issues. However, it is essential to replace the crankshafts sensor if the car is not running as it should. It is important to run an accurate test before doing that.

Q: What are the signs that my cam position sensor is failing?

A:  Some of the pointers that your car position sensor is bad or failing include; reduced gas mileage, reduced engine power, fails to drive like it used to, stumbles often, stalls often idle roughly, or accelerates slowly.


Always, Chevy produces great performing racing or sports cars. Like any other car modification, you have to get the best cam for Chevy 305. This will guarantee your Chevy enhanced performance and a reliable sound. From the above list, you can choose the ideal one for your car. Otherwise, the buyer’s guide will help you when making purchases. Hence, take your time to read everything.

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