Best Oil Catch Can For 392 Hemi [2022 Reviews]

Best Catch Can For 392 Hemi
Best Catch Can For 392 Hemi

If you notice your car jerking or stalling in movement, that could be a result of excessive carbon deposit on the intake valves. This carbon buildup is primarily caused by the normal blow-by gases from the crankcase or the seepage of oil through the intake valve seals. Either way, you can’t stop this harmful buildup on your 392 Hemi engine unless you install an ideal oil catch can to filter and contain the contaminants.

The only issue is that most car owners end up choosing the wrong cans for their engines which could worsen the issue instead of fixing it. Hence, to enable you to select the best catch can for 392 Hemi, you need all the professional guidelines you can get. And that’s what we’d be providing you on this page.

Why Does 392 Hemi Engine Need A Oil Catch Can?

Although your Hemi 392 can function without an oil catch can, it wouldn’t take so long before you started noticing the consequences of not having one.

As a part of the Hemi 6.4L V8 mechanical process, the air that passes through the intake manifold to the combustion chamber is not just air because it carries along with it some contaminated oil components which can buildup on your intake system.

When you do nothing about this buildup, it will keep accumulating until it results in one or all of the following:

  • Irregular ignition pattern (especially pre-ignition)
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Lower power
  • Knocking or engine damage.

The primary role of an oil catch can for 392 Hemi is to ensure that contaminated oil doesn’t permeate through the intake manifold. Installing a catch can properly in your Challenger allows clean air instead of blow-by gas to circulate in your engine, thereby boosting the performance.

It is also worth noting that you might not necessarily notice any significant boost in horsepower after installing a Hemi oil catch can, but you can be sure of reduced power loss, a better fuel economy, and improved overall performance.

Best Oil Catch Can For 392  Hemi Reviews

With over 450 HP, your Hemi 392 engine surely needs more protection than the average vehicle to keep up with optimal performance. For that reason, it’s so illegal to run your Hemi engine without a reliable Hemi 392 Catch Can. To select the best possible option, you can check out some of our best suggestions below:

1. Ruien Universal Aluminum Oil Catch Can (0046)

If you are looking for the best universal oil catch can that will readily fit into your 392 Hemi, then Ruien 0046 is the right place to go.

Crafted from high-quality aluminum, this oil catch reservoir can effectively collect all the carbon and moisture that results in carbon and sludge build-up. The aluminum and lightweight design make it suitable for your Hemi engine, yet strong enough to withstand all sorts of tears and wear. To this effect, your engine and intake valve would remain clean, thereby prolonging the lifespan and maintaining optimal performance.

With this reservoir rightly installed in your Hemi engine, you wouldn’t have to worry about throttling at any speed — even in the harshest conditions — since the blow-by contaminants will be filtered and kept in their place.

As for the installation, it wouldn’t take much of a hassle. Your local mechanic or even a DIY enthusiast can handle it. The package comes with all the necessary tools that would be needed to install or clean it — including clamps, hoses, and mount bracket.


  • Offers Universal compatibility (fits many cart engines)
  • Comes in a lightweight design
  • Made of durable aluminum that would last long enough
  • Works well to improve the lifespan of the engine and intake system
  • Prevents oil leakage and keeps the engine clean
  • Comes in a complete package with hoses, clamps, and bracket


  • Doesn’t come with instruction and might require a professional installation.

2. UPR Products 6.4L Billet Catch Can (5038-208-3)

UPR Products Billet Catch Can is an ideal oil collector for the typical Hemi engine models, including

  • 2011-date 6.4 Chrysler 300,
  • 2011-date 6.4 Dodge Charger, and
  • 2011-2021 6.4 Dodge Challenger.

One glaring feature of this catch can is the patented UPR Billet Aluminum Diffuser. The unique design is set up to effectively control and filter oil that is sucked through the PVC system. This filtration system involves multi-level coalescing media to guarantee the finest separation result.

With this unique design, you can expect your engine and intake system to be in top shape for a long time; hence, your engine will maintain the original level of performance.

Some other features you should expect to find in the package include:

  • Z-Bracket
  • Custom Billet fittings
  • Custom-fit Braided Hoses for Hemis,

Aside from the fact that the package comes with extra accessories, it is quite easy to install — thanks to the Plug-And-Play installation, with an easy-open knurled bottom.


  • An ideal fit for Hemi engines, including Chrysler, Charger, and Challenger — 2011 to date.
  • Comes with a unique patented UPR Billet Aluminum Diffuser
  • Made of high-quality aluminum for durability
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a multi-layered filtration system to keep your engine and intake system super clean
  • Maintains your engine performance level
  • Designed by UPR Products in Florida, United States.


  • No significant disadvantage.

3. SRT 6.4L Hemi JLT Oil Separator By JLT

Another multi-stage filter we have on this list is the SRT 6.4 Hemi oil catch can. If you talk about quality then you will agree that the brand (JLT) did an amazing job creating this high-quality stainless steel oil separator.

One thing every Hemi lover would like about the functionality of this product is the way it collects the finest of contaminated vapors, thereby allowing only clean air into the intake manifold to maintain the longevity and performance of the engine.

Although the oil catch tank is designed to carry just 3 Oz of fluid (contaminants), it’s pretty easy to service. The knurled tank base makes oil draining super easy, and the O-Ring seal helps to prevent leaks, meaning you can drain it every 2000-3000 miles for the best result.

The Plug-N-Play design makes it easy to install. But that’s not all, because the manufacturer also provides you with detailed installation instructions. Hence, for a start, you won’t necessarily need a professional for the installation as long as you are a DIY fan.

Interestingly, the package also includes all the necessary accessories. But then, unlike many other products, the hoses, clamps, and custom brackets are all OEM quality. So you can trust the installation to be rock-solid and durable.


  • Quality stainless steel oil separator
  • Comes with a multi-stage filter to catch even the tiniest oil vapor
  • Effectively keeps contaminants away from your intake manifold
  • Maintains high engine performance
  • Extends engine life
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to install, service, and drain
  • Installation instructions are provided by the manufacturer
  • Good quality for the price
  • Made in the USA.


  • It’s a relatively pricey option.

4. UPR Billet Oil Catch Can 6.4 HEMI Technology (5032-208-1)

This is another UPR Billet Catch Can we have on this list. And just like the traditional UPR product, it is compatible with many 6.4 Hemi 392 engines.

If you’ve noticed in recent months that your engine performance is dropping, you definitely need a catch can. But even if you already have one and it’s not doing enough to keep your Hemi engine safe, you can get the UPR Billet Oil Catch can for 392 HEMI. Because it is specifically meant for Hemi technology and would certainly meet every 6.4 Hemi oil collection needs.

The 6-oz. Catch can is big enough to collect much more oil than many other tanks, so you would only need to drain it once in a while. Besides, the draining process is quite easy as you just have to open and close the pre-oiled O-Ring.

Overall, it’s a reliable design, with a patented Billet Aluminum Diffuser upgrade. The black color which matches with the hoses gives it a sleek appearance you’d really like. But most importantly, it goes for a far cheaper price than many similar alternatives on the market.


  • Specially designed for 6.4 Hemi technology
  • Filters and collects plenty of oil to keep your engine safe
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to drain or empty
  • Great quality for the price
  • Quite inexpensive


  • The hoses might seem short during installation

Things to Consider When Buy The Best Oil Catch Can For 392 Hemi

The market is already saturated with lots of Hemi 392 catch can products with different qualities and features. So it becomes more difficult to get the ideal fit for your car unless you consider the following factors:

1. Features

Among all the factors you must consider, the basic features of the Catch Can you intend to buy should probably come first.  The reason is that when you know the features of a particular product, you have a clue what to expect and what not to — especially in terms of effectiveness.

Some important features to look out for include

  • Built-in dipstick: This can be used to check the Can’s oil level. You will always need a dipstick even if the can you bought doesn’t have one. That’s why you have to check if the Catch Can you’re buying features one so you don’t spend extra money on an aftermarket option.
  • Sight tube: Another important feature you should have in the product or package is the sight tube which helps you to see the amount of waste oil caught up in the Catch Can without having to open it. This allows you to know when you have to empty the can.
  • Installation Kit: Also ensure the catch can package comes with an installation kit which includes either clamp or bracket, or both. This feature is important for any product to be considered one of the best Hemi 392 catch can.
  • Filtration system: The side tube and installation hardware are so important, but don’t forget to consider the filtration system when choosing the ideal Hemi Oil Catch Can. Make sure the filter media of the product you are purchasing can reliably separate oil from air and send back the clean air into your engine. A reliable filter media is arguably the most important feature of every oil catch can for 392 Hemi engines.

2. Material And Quality

The material and quality of a Hemi Oil Catch Can is another top consideration. Products differ and so do materials quality levels. That’s why it’s a no-brainer to take this factor seriously.

Most people prefer lightweight products, although there is more to that. Because while lightweight Catch Cans might seem more suitable, they’re perhaps not sturdy or hard enough to withstand the constant pressure caused within the engine bay, making them more susceptible to tears and wear.

Our standard recommendation, however, is a product made of anti-corrosive materials — a good example is Aluminum. In fact, with an aluminum Hemi 392 Catch Can, you can kill two birds with just a stone because it’s both lightweight and doesn’t rust or corrode. In other words, they’re more durable.

3. Compatibility

You also have to consider how compatible the Catch Can you are buying is with your Hemi engine. You don’t want to buy what doesn’t fit well or sit well!

An Oil Catch Can that fits into a wide range of engine models will save you from so much stress, especially if you are not sure of the specific option that is built for your Hemi 392 engine

However, although such a one-size-fits-all option has its advantages, you will still have to deal with some of the disadvantages. That’s why we strictly recommend a vehicle-specific Oil Catch Can that would directly fit into your engine.

Long story short, if you are truly interested in buying the best Catch Can for 392 Hemi, then you shouldn’t hesitate to go for a vehicle-specific product. The reason is that while a universal Catch Can mainly solves compatibility problems, a vehicle-specific option is carefully designed to cater to all the unique oil catching needs of your 392 Hemi.

4. Size

Asides from compatibility, another important thing to consider is the sizing factor. The size of an Oil Catch container matters for a whole lot of reasons. You might have heard some experts saying that the size of a catch can is determined by the engine size, but that’s not entirely true. Because another vital factor that should determine the size of the container is how often you intend to empty it. You can go for a smaller size if you are ready to clean it more often. But if, on the other hand, you prefer something that would take a longer time to be filled up, then a bigger Oil Catch Can would be great.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

One of the commonest mistakes people make is that they directly define the quality of a product based on the price. It’s noteworthy to say that some costly Oil Catch Cans actually don’t have the necessary features which are present in cheaper brands.

You have to focus on the cost-effectiveness of any product you want to buy and not necessarily the price. In other words, whether the price is too hefty or too small, you should consider if it offers a real value for the price.

6. Reviews

Last but not least are the reviews! You shouldn’t fail to visit the brand or vendor’s website to have a look at what their customers are saying. You need to find out their level of satisfaction with the performance and quality of the Catch Can so you can make a well-informed decision.

Final Verdict

From the detailed reviews above, you can easily see that all the products have certain similar features required in the best catch can for 392 Hemi. That’s why it might be quite difficult to pinpoint one as the overall best.

Nonetheless, after our analysis, considering the factors discussed in the buying guides, we recommend the UPR Products 6.4L Billet Catch Can (5038-208-3). Because it is a proven choice that comes with loads of advantages with no significant downside.

For example, the patented Billet Aluminum upgrade, the multi-level coalescing media filtration system to keep your engine and intake manifold clean, and the extra accessories that make it easy to install and maintain. Above all, the Catch Can is made in the USA, highly reliable, and budget-friendly.

FAQs About The Hemi 392 Oil Catch Cans

1. How much power can a 392 Hemi handle?

Ans: Of course, the naturally aspirated Hemi 392 is a very powerful engine that exerts lots of power. For instance, when installed in a Challenger R/T Scat pack, it can go as high as 485 HP.

2. What happens if you don’t empty your catch can?

Ans: As much as it’s important to install an oil Catch can for 392 HEMI, it’s also very necessary to drain the tank when it’s full, or preferable after every 2000-3000 miles. The reason is that failing to do so might result in overfilling, and your vehicle would end up sucking up the contaminants.

3. Do cheap catch cans work?

Ans: The simple answer is YES! Some cheap products actually have certain basic features that are important for oil filtration and collection which some expensive ones don’t have. Hence, you should pay more attention to the features and not the price.

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