Best Cold Air Intake For F150 Ecoboost To Check In 2022

Best Cold Air Intakes For F150 Ecoboost

Do you need some extra horsepower and torque for your Ford F150 Ecoboost? If your answer is yes, we highly recommend installing the cold air intake system to boost your car performance.

The factory-grade intake does a good job, but it needs to update for getting a lot more improved performance. Though you can make more changes to produce more power, it costs a lot of money and effort. On the contrary, you can install a cold air intake without hitting your wallet and receiving a big bang for your backs.

Check out these 5 best cold air intake for F150 Ecoboost to experience a worthwhile ride.

Top 5 Best Cold Air Intake for F150 Ecoboost

1. Spectre Performance Air Intake (KitSPE-9006)

Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit is the most reliable cold air intake system; that’s why it is our first pick. A washable, reusable, low restriction air filter comes with the intake kit to deliver more horsepower and torque for your EcoBoost F150. It also ensures ultimate protection for the engine by resisting harmful debris.

This intake kit features a polished aluminum intake tube combining a heat shield coated with black power to obstruct hot engine air from the intake inlet. Moreover, you will get the exact acceleration by developing throttle performance.

Spectre air intake is effortless to install, and you can do it using the necessary hand tools. All the essential appliances are included with the air intake for OE finish and fit. Yet, it doesn’t require any maintenance for up to 100,000 miles. Using this intake is the easiest way to get high performance as well as conserve the engine’s protection. It brings out improved engine sound and lasts for a longer time.


  • Increase horsepower and torque.
  • Improves engine sound.
  • Ensures superior protection,
  • Easy to install.
  • Need no maintenance up to 100,000 miles.


  • Hard to tighten down the O ring/clamp.

2. K&N Non CARB Cold Air Intake Kit (63-2593)

K&N is a trusted name as the best cold air intake for F150 Ecoboost by eliminating airflow betwixt and an engine rob. You will have the best high-flow intake system and horsepower with this intake kit. You can get high-quality performance from your car or truck, making this a worthy investment.

This intake filter comes in a conical shape that fits perfectly in the holes of the engine cabin. The additional filter increases airflow even at lower restriction and gives a satisfying growl during acceleration. So your EcoBoost F150 stays in better condition for years along with boosting power.

You can set the K&N air intakes within 90 minutes or less; no required cutting and drilling. The advanced air filter is made of thousands of microscopic cotton fibers with a layering design. The oiled cotton media works like a shield and holds up more dirt, smudges to protect your engine. This cold air intake kit is a standard choice for OE replacement that increases throttle response, horsepower, and engine sound.


  • Improves car performance.
  • Better towing.
  • Provides satisfying engine growl.
  • Can be set in 90 minutes or less.


  • Sometimes decreases in MPG.

3. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit (63-2599)

If you want the best cold air intake for f150, K&N is the best alternative in this regard. It is tested that this intake kit enhances up to 50% better airflow than the Ford factory intake system. So you will get more horsepower as well as a cut above throttle response.

The extra crosslink nylon made piping resist hot temperature and stress cracking. The tube stays cooler than metal tubes and provides cooler air that means more oxygen, less fuel, and less humidity. It also protects the engine from contaminants; on the other hand, there is no required filter maintenance up to 100,000 miles. After completing this period, you can wash the filter and reuse them.

With one k&N cold air intake kit, you can cover at least 10 years and assure maximum protection of the vehicle’s life. The intake kit installation process is straightforward, but it would be better if you learn about swapping airflow sensors. However, it delivers improved performance, superior protection, satisfying engine sound so that you won’t be disappointed.


  • Lasts for longer.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • Resist contaminants.
  • Less maintenance.


  • Doesn’t have an attachment aid for radiator overflow.

4. Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit (SPE-9034)

Specter Performance air intake kit is the best cold air intake for f150 for those who want excellent performance at a lower price. The air intake system is designed to improve horsepower and modify your truck’s fuel mileage that is Dyno-tested. The air filter combines high-quality synthetic filter media, urethane, and steel mesh, which is very significant to avoid air impurities.

The air intake features a polished aluminum tube with 2-piece powder-coated heat shield so that the heated engine air can not enter the inlet. Because of allotting more metal elements, the temperature gets cooler while the air is drawn through it. It enriches 50% more airflow; in turn, it boosts mileage 2-3 miles per gallon.

Setting up the intake kit is very straightforward because all the essential material comes with it, such as stainless steel clamps, edge trim, coupler, and a velocity stack. Typically the red air filter mounts on the engine’s left side, and it is washable, so you can utilize it for years.


  • Affordable price.
  • Enriched engine sound.
  • Beneficial powder-coated heat shield.
  • Ensures fuel efficiency.


  • Somehow poor fit and finish.

5. AEM 21-8128DC Cold Air Intake System

AEM 21-8128DC is a top-notch cold air intake kit that is specifically designed for Ford F150 EcoBoost. Finishing replacement with the AEM intake system, your Ford F150 will gain more horsepower and torque. The intake kit has an oversized AEM Dryflow synthetic air filter that enhances exceptional airflow, protection, and overall performance.

The tubes are made of mandrel-bent aluminum materials and durable gunmetal gray powder coated finish that supply oxygen-rich cold air.  The filter with a heat shield is placed in the exact location to decrease air temperature; on the contrary, it increases horsepower. It is washable dual intake air filtering, but you don’t need to clean until crossing 100,000 miles.

You can conduct the installation task with ease, and there are required some simple tools. The cleaning process is facile and requires no oil. All up, this cold air intake system is loaded with exciting and efficient features that bring a powerful and satisfying driving experience. It improves the engine sound as well, which will please you.


  • Shipes colder air for improving horsepower.
  • Efficiently block hot engine air.
  • Contains an oil-free synthetic filter.
  • Easy to set.


  • It isn’t legal in California.

Things to Consider Buying The Best Cold Air Intake For F150 Ecoboost

The aftermarket air intake kit is usually designed for specific engine models, and they are pretty inexpensive. It is a bit tricky to choose the best cold air intake for F150 ecoboost. Whenever you buy an air intake kit, consider these things


You will find plenty of cold air intake kits in the market. So first up, you need to examine the model design to match perfectly with the EcoBoost F150.

Build quality

Build quality is one of the most important issues to consider. There are many types of material available like plastic, aluminum, metal, etc. Make sure the intake kit is made of heat-resistant materials for producing cool air.

Intake airflow tube

The airflow tube collects cool air from the outside and conveys it to the engine. Usually, it is placed through the grille of the car and coated with heat-resistant elements. The tube’s flow also makes a difference. You may observe that some are straight, and some are slightly curved. The most effective way if the hoses are straight in line.

Air filter

The air filter is a very important part because it protects the engine and increases fuel efficiency. When the tube provides cool air, the filter world to remove the dust, and other particles. If the air filter didn’t work properly these contaminants dull the engine power and decrease the performance. Most brands have their own specialized air filter to do the cleaning task effectively.

Installation process

Choose such an intake kit that can be installed with super ease, and make sure you will get all the necessary hardware with the kit. It would be great if you can install it by yourself; otherwise, calling a mechanic will cost little bucks. Moreover, the air filter should be washable and oil-free so that you can reuse it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Cold Air Intake For F150 Ecoboost

How Does Cold Air Intake Work?

Air filters and air tubes are the two major parts of cold air intake. The tube collects cold air from the outside and supplies it to the engine. Air filters resist dirt and contamination that protects the engine. The car includes a factory-installed air intake system. As the EcoBoost F150 contains a regular air intake that quickly catches up clogged, so you need to install a new one. To discover the best cold air intake for Ecoboost F150, this article will assist you.

Do cold air intakes make a difference?

Answer: Yes, it makes a difference to your car performance. Actually, it is the most inexpensive modification that helps to boost the horsepower. The factory-installed cold intake gets clogged and interrupts the car’s breathing. If you set a new air intake it surely makes improvement.

Does cold air intake increase fuel efficiency?

Answer: The best air intake gives cooler airflow to the engine that means the engine gets more oxygen. So it increases fuel efficiency. Though this is not only the way to improve fuel economy, you can make a small uptick with it.

How to maintain the cold air intake?

Answer: The air intake is designed to provide cool air from the outside, so it grabs pollution. You need to maintain the intake for improved performance. For this, you have to wash the kit often. Just bring it out and wash it with a cleaning solution. Actually, it depends on the drive condition. If you drive in the commercial area, you need to clean often.

Does the air intake improve the engine sound?

Answer: Yes, it does. When the engine gets cleaner and cooler air, it runs smoothly and you can hear a better roar.

Final Thoughts

The cold air intake is the simplest means to enrich horsepower and torque. It provides cool and oxygen-rich air that you need for exceptional drives. We have suggested these 5 best cold air intake for f150 ecoboost, and the users highly approve them. We thoroughly analyzed and researched the market so that you can purchase the best one. These exciting intake kits will perfectly fit in your EcoBoost and enhance the engine’s power. They are also beneficial to gain better engine throttle roar.

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