Best DSG Transmission Fluid

Best DSG Transmission Fluid
Best DSG Transmission Fluid

One thing every car owner surely wants is to have their car in good condition and to maintain a consistent level of performance.

Just like the human body, your gearbox needs to be in good health to function properly. Fortunately, the DSG transmission fluid keeps your gear and clutches in the best possible shape for optimum performance!

However, choosing the best DSG transmission fluid for your car is not as easy as it sounds, given the numerous formulas available in the market!

Luckily, this review will make the journey a lot easier for you. Because we’ll be providing you with all the buying guides you need to select the finest product for your vehicle. And we’ll also be highlighting 3 of the best DSG fluids you should consider when you eventually decide to change up.

Sounds great right?

Now, let’s dive in!

Top 3 Best DSG Transmission Fluid Review

Now that you’ve learned the important factors to consider and other buying guides, it’s vital to introduce you to our top 3 picks when it comes to the best DSG transmission fluid in the market. Shall we?

1. Genuine Chrysler Accessories (5013458AA) (68218058AC) ATF+4 Automatic Transmission Fluid

One thing every modern car owner wants is an ATF with a lifetime fill. We’re almost certain you crave that as well? Or wouldn’t you like to use an ATF that can cover over 300,000 miles?

Well, the Genuine Chrysler ATF+4 Automatic Transmission Fluid provides you with just about the longevity you crave. But that’s not all. Because this specially developed ATF also guarantees excellent lubrication even under heavy-duty operations and high heat! The synthetic components of the fluid are an added advantage because it ensures maximum power saving. With this ATF, you can rest assured of better thermal and shear protection.

Interestingly, the fluid is pretty versatile since it’s compatible with many car brands. Matter of fact, If you are using any of the vehicles with a factory-filled ATF+4, then this product is ideal for you.

The Genuine Chrysler will also be a great buy if you are looking for an OEM-ideal Chrysler fluid.


  • Longer lifetime fill
  • Great performance (under any load condition or temperature)
  • Maximum power saving
  • Synthetic components
  • Nicer lubrication
  • Genuine ATF+4


  • Not a cheap option


Castrol TRANSMAX ATF is another state-of-the-art invention when it comes to the best DSG fluids.

Of course, you will agree that one important factor that affects transmission is friction durability. It is simply key to encountering a flawless transmission. And fortunately, Castrol TRANSMAX provides your gearbox with high friction resistance and durability. The product also ensures anti-oxidation by maintaining a stable viscosity.

Besides, if you are faced with the problem of getting the best DSG fluid for your older cars, or maybe it’s difficult to find a suitable DSG fluid for the rare automatic car you are using, then you should give this product a try. Because it’s carefully engineered to fit into virtually all types of old Ford models and other uncommon types of cars. In other words, the fluid can substitute most old fluids if you want to change the brand of ATF you use for your car. For instance, you can use this product in the place of MERCON, DEXRON, and DEXRON-3. Because it meets all the chemical requirements of MERCON and DEXRON.

Long story short, with this multi-purpose Automatic Transmission Fluid, you can be assured of fast-execution transmission. And guess what? It goes for a pocket-friendly price compared to the enormous quality you’d get.


  • Ensures higher friction durability and resistance
  • Guarantees anti-oxidation and stable viscosity
  • Offers better protection against high temperatures
  • Provides higher output performance
  • Budget-friendly


  • The fluid could leak away from the container if not properly handled.

3. Triax TRANSYN DSG/DCT Automatic Transmission Fluid

Although Triax TRANSYN DSG is coming 3rd on this list, it’s definitely not the least of all! It’s not common to come across a transmission fluid that fits all Dual Clutch Transmissions (DCT) and at the same time exceeds all the OEM requirements! Well, that’s exactly what you get from Triax TRANSYN.

The product is compatible with most DSG and Dual Clutch Transmission gearboxes you can remember. Including those manufactured by brands like; Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi/Volkswagen, Porsche, Ferrari, Renault, Peugeot, and ZF.

Some other key features you should expect from this transmission fluid are;

  • High Frictional Stability And Grip; to prevent slippage, eliminate gear scuffing, and ensure a super-fast, flawless gear shifting
  • High Shear Resistance; to ensure higher load-carrying capacity without shearing.
  • Exceedingly Long Fluid Life (over 300,000 miles) to provide an extensive duration of gear protection and to maximize performance. 
  • Qualifies For Lifetime Fill, which means you don’t have to stress yourself about changing the fluid now and then. Unless, otherwise, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requires you to change the fluid at intervals.


  • High friction stability
  • Amazing gear grip
  • Versatile ATF; highly compatible with a wide range of products.
  • Zero gear slippage
  • Reduced Gear scuffing


  • No significant disadvantage.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best DSG Transmission Fluid

It’s one thing to buy a DSG fluid, but it’s another thing altogether to buy the best DSG transmission fluid in the market!  You have to consider a whole lot of factors if you must end up with the right product for your car.

With that being said, before heading to the market, some of your top considerations should be;

  • The type of vehicle (Manual)
  • The DSG Viscosity level
  • The DSG Fluid Capacity

Type of Vehicle

One of the most important things to consider when buying a new DSG transmission fluid is the vehicle type.

Different types of vehicles have different specifications. Hence, to know the right DSG fluid, you have to understand the specs and descriptions of that car in particular.

To find out more about the vehicle and the type of oil it needs, make sure to go through the user’s manual. If the manual is unavailable, visit your vehicle’s brand website, or contact the DSG transmission fluid manufacturer for all the necessary info.

DSG Viscosity level

Whether engine oil, gear oil, or DSG fluid, the viscosity level is always crucial!

Viscosity, simply put, indicates how thick a fluid is. And the extent to which the fluid endures factors like extreme temperatures (heat and cold), or friction.

When it comes to automobiles, gear oil and engine oil have a higher viscosity, hence, they are thicker and can absorb the pressure, heat, and friction of the gearbox or engine. But transmission fluids are typically lower viscosity. Meaning that they are lighter to enable easy transmission of power from the engine to other components of the car.

However, that doesn’t mean that all DSG transmission fluids have the same viscosity level. It differs from product to product.

That’s why you should know your car and the viscosity level (of transmission fluid) it needs to perform optimally.

Transmission fluids normally have a viscosity ranging from 0W/5 to 5W/10. While gear/engine oil maintains a viscosity of around 5W/30.

DSG Fluid Capacity

Another very important factor to consider when buying your DSG transmission fluid is the fluid capacity of the gearbox!

Needless to say, different vehicles have different capacities. You either have to go through your car’s manual to find out the actual capacity of the gearbox or visit the brand website. However, the amount of transmission fluid needed to service-fill a DSG 6-Speed is between 5.2 to 5.5 liters. Although the overall capacity of a DSG 6-Speed is up to 7.2 liters.

Knowing the exact fluid capacity of your gearbox will help you to ascertain the exact number of liters you should go for when changing your DSG fluid. Of course, this is very important so you don’t overbuy or underbuy.

DSG Transmission Vs Conventional Automatic Transmission

DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) is a modern invention in the vehicular transmission system. It’s a combination of two manual-like clutches and two gearboxes that operate hydraulically by a combination of mechanical and electronic systems (mechatronics system) to ensure a smooth driving experience. This top technology demands a specially engineered fluid to operate efficiently — the DSG transmission fluid!

The main difference between conventional Auto gear and DSG is that while the formal uses one clutch, the latter has an additional clutch pack that readies the next gear for faster, smoother and more efficient shifting. Although auto gears shift relatively smoothly, you can’t compare its efficiency to DSG which is by far superior.

ATF Vs DSG Fluid; How Compatible Are They?

If you are comparing ATF and DSG fluid, chances are you are comparing different brands of transmission oils as well.

Well, the truth is; ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) is MOSTLY not compatible with DSG transmission fluid.

However, some ATFs are compatible with DSG transmission. But that’s uncommon. That’s why most experts don’t recommend using ATF in the place of DSG. Especially if you’ve always been using DSG for your car. Suddenly changing to a conventional ATF could be risky.

All the same, choosing the right product is totally up to your car and the exact type of transmission fluid it supports.

Final Opinion

Going head-to-head with all the products discussed above, you’ll realize that they all play important roles to enhance smooth transmission and overall gear performance. Hence, singling out the overall best DSG transmission fluid is quite difficult.

Matter of fact, the best option mostly depends on the specific features your car demands. However, on a general level, most cars will surely adapt to a product that guarantees high friction resistance, stable viscosity, better protection against high temperatures, and higher

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