Best Led Headlights For F150 & Buying Guide

Best LED Headlights for F150
Best LED Headlights for F150

A headlight is a lamp attached to the front of a vehicle to help light the road ahead. They are crucial to your safety on the road and the safety of others. Maintaining them is something you cannot overlook. If you have a ford vehicle that need headlights replacement, the best led headlights for f150 will be a perfect solution for your desired needs.

In the market, you will find several led headlights that might work for your ford f150. Nevertheless, ensure to get the best. Therefore, keep reading the following review to learn about the seven led headlights ideal for the ford f150.

Best Led Headlights For F150

Chances are you have used many headlights for F150 until you feel that you know some of the features that you want. While that might be true, notable brands in the automotive industry endeavor produce new products each day. Because of that, it might be a challenge to pick the best. That is the reason why this review will be of help to you.

Let’s start the review with this first headlight for F150:

1. DNA Motoring HL-OH-F1504-CH-AM Chrome Amber Headlights

Inside the package of this product, you will find a pair of headlights. They include a driver side and a passenger side. You can use them for replacing old or worn-out headlights, besides they are great for show use.

Also, it features a plug-and-play operation. It delivers OE fit to your stock headlight. This headlight will upgrade your car style despite being a factory replacement. To have it installed, no drilling or modification is required since the set comes with everything.

Another feature this headlight includes is an H13 high bulb type with a low beam. But, bulbs are not included. Nonetheless, you can use any compatible bulb of your choice.

Key Features

  1. Plug and play operation.
  2. Has an amber corner and chrome housing.
  3. Compatible with 04-08 F-150 and 06-08 Mark LT.
  4. Come with one pair of headlights (passenger and driver side).


  • Easy to install.
  • Durable.
  • Cost friendly.
  • No modification is needed.
  • Complete set of headlights for the driver side and passenger side.


  • Housing does not include the bulbs.
  • Installation requires a professional.

2. AUTOSAVER88 Headlight Assembly Compatible With 03-06 Chevy Silverado Avalanche 1500/2500/3500 Headlamp

AUTOSAVER88 Headlight Assembly is perhaps one of the best headlights for f150, with excellent value and durability. The headlights’ strict quality measures guarantee the reliability of the product. Hence, you are assured that your headlight will perform excellently in any condition.

It features a sealed waterproof structure. They are well-sealed with silicon to keep dust and water out. Additionally, you will not encounter any mist problem in all sorts of weather, such as snow, heavy rains, and dust storms.

Also, it has a pair of headlights with left driver side and right passenger side. Both are identical to OE housings. This helps ensure no gaps after installation. During installation, professional help is recommended.

These headlights are made of high-strength material. These are meant to help them meet or exceed the OE ones in function. The material is shock and UV resistant to prevent cracking or yellowing for a longer lifespan.

Key Features

  1. Polycarbonate lens material.
  2. Clear lens color.
  3. Direct OEM fit.
  4. PC lens features higher transmittance.
  5. High strength material.


  • Durable
  • Waterproof construction.
  • Cost friendly.
  • Excellent sealing feature perfect for all weathers.


  • Professional installation needed.

3. For 07-13 Suburban Tahoe Avalanche Chrome Clear Headlights

For 07-13 Suburban Tahoe Avalanche Chrome Clear Headlights is one of the best led headlights for f150 you will find on the market. This product is 100% brand new. Hence, you are assured it has never been installed before.

It is compatible with 07-13 Chevy Avalanche all model, 07-14 Chevy Suburban all model, 07-13 Chevy Tahoe all model, 08-14 Chevy Tahoe Hydrid Model only. For installation purposes, an expert is needed. This is because it does not come with an installation guide.

When installing it, modification might be needed if necessary. It does not come with light bulbs. Hence, consider applying the original one.

Key Features

  1. Chrome housing color.
  2. H11 low bean and 9005 high beam bulb type.


  • 100% brand new.
  • Worth the money.
  • Easy to install.
  • No moisture build-up.


  • No instruction guide included.
  • Limited warranty.

4. AnzoUSA 111357 Headlight Assembly

Settling on AnzoUSA 111357 Headlight Assembly as the best headlights for Ford f150 is one of the best decisions you will make.  The headlight has black housing that complements the clear and amber beams perfectly. This is through the kind of ambiance it gives. Also, it has classic halogen projectors for people who prefer them.

Another feature of this product is amber reflectors. When you turn signals, the entire white light will change to amber. Thus, when changing directions, it is impossible to go unnoticed.

Its construction uses high-end materials. Thus, you will not have a cheap-looking feel to it. With single inclusion, your vehicle’s overall setting will be transformed.

Key Features

  1. Amber reflector.
  2. Projector with halogen bulbs
  3. Black housing.
  4. Clear lens.
  5. SAE and DOT compliant.


  • Stylish and modern look.
  • High-end construction.
  • Amber glows when turning signals.
  • No modifications needed.
  • Black housing with two different illuminations.


  • Expensive.
  • Does not work with models that are factory HID’s or LED’s.

5. HEADLIGHTSDEPOT Chrome Housing Halogen Headlights Compatible with Jeep Grand Cherokee 1993-1997

This product is the best option you need to go for if you are looking for high-quality headlights at an affordable rate. It fits directly with the 92-96 Ford F150s.

The finish of this product is incredible. The housing stands up with its OEM replacement name and delivers. It will perfectly mount into the holes and keep them free from dirt. Additionally, they are long-lasting and can withstand harsh environments.

This product comes with a six-piece set for under sixty bucks. The good thing about this headlight is that it meets or exceeds SAE and DOT compliance standards.

Besides, it is guaranteed you direct replacement plug and play. Chances are high; you will want it this way. With this one, cutting up wires is excluded. Otherwise, you can employ an expert to install them for you.

Key Features

  1. Halogen bulb lamp.
  2. Compatible with Chrysler 300 2011-2014


  • Has a traditional look.
  • Affordable.
  • Withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Direct replacement to the stock headlight.
  • Come with a 1-Year warranty.


  • Short lifespan.

6. AmeriLite Square Projector Black Headlight Pair LED Bar Set For 2009-2014 Ford F150

This is the best led headlights for f150 you will get for your desire need. It is compatible with the 2009-2014 ford f-150. This is mainly for the halogen type only.

Another great thing about this product is that it comes as a complete set. This includes a passenger-side that is on the right and a driver-side that is on the left.

Besides, this product features direct OEM replacement. Hence, during its installation, no modification is needed. This makes its installation fast. Besides, it meets or exceeds DOT and SAE standards.

The quality of this best led headlights for 2012 f150 is guaranteed. It is made of high-quality material with a UV coating. This helps protect harmful sunlight besides long-lasting output performance.

Key Features

  1. Has a halogen bulb lamp.
  2. OEM-approved headlights.
  3. Complete set of the driver side and passenger side.


  • No modification is needed.
  • Direct OEM replacement.
  • Fit 2009-2014 ford F-150.
  • Meets or exceeds DOT and SAE standards.
  • High-quality product.
  • High/low beam bulb included.


  • Limited warranty.

7.  A Pair of Black Housing Clear Corner Headlights w/Signal Lamps Compatible with Ford F-150 F-250 F-350 Bronco 87-91

Pair of Black Housing Clear Corner Headlights comes with a complete set of headlights and corner lights. This includes a driver and a passenger side. When installed in your vehicle, it gives it an attractive appearance that is great for show use.

Easy installation is guaranteed when you buy this product. This is because of plug-and-play operation and direct bolt-on OE fitment. No drilling and modification is required for installation to be done.

Another thing worth knowing about this product is that it uses a 9004 high beam/ low beam bulb. It does not come with this bulb. Hence, you have to buy it separately.

Key Features

  1. Black housing.
  2. 9004 high/ low beam bulb type.
  3. Halogen lamp type.
  4. Clear lens.
  5. 1157A turn signal.


  • Easy to install.
  • Gives your vehicle a different appearance.
  • No drilling and modification is needed.
  • Comes with a complete set.


  • Professional installer needed.
  • Bulb not included.

Best Led Headlights For F150 Buyer’s Guide

One of the common misconceptions among many drivers is that headlights are only necessary when there is dark outside. But, some people in hot, foggy, and humid areas will tell you this is untrue. This is why it is necessary to buy a set of headlights for your vehicle. Not all headlights are perfect.

A perfect headlight ought to be bright, reliable, and long-lasting. Luckily, with the best led headlights for f150, you will be safe on the road no matter how challenging the road might be. Take time to read this post, and you will learn the essential factors you should pay attention to when buying the best set of LED headlights for your vehicle.


Some headlights include plug and play installation. These are highly recommended since they are easier to manage. However, those that need modification and extra hardware require time and a lot of figuring out. This way, you need the help of an expert.

Fitting the Mounting Hole

Ensure your f150 model is compatible with the headlights. In case they do not match, you require to modify and go through a hassling process.

Additionally, the lights might be compatible. However, if the housing size and the mounting hole are too far off, you will have empty spots in the mounting hole that will collect dust. But, mostly, finding the best led headlights for the 2016 f150 that fits perfectly is impossible. Hence, other measures might be necessary.

Headlamp Version

This is a factor many people overlook. If your vehicle only supports the halogen version, you should only go for a headlamp version that supports the halogen version only and not an expensive HID version. This is because your model will not support it.


The good thing about LED headlights is that they have an extended lifespan. An average set can last for up to ten years. This is dependent on how often you turn the lights on. Consider a headlight that can go for a long that will not need a replacement for a long time.

Pricing and Warranty

If you want to buy the best led headlights for f150, make sure you pay attention to your budget. A perfect one should be budget-friendly. Do not rush to buy a headlight that is cheap or expensive. Quality of product and the capacity to satisfy your needs should be in mind. It is worth buying a set with high-quality and sold at an affordable rate. Besides, it should come with at least one year warranty.

Advantages Of Led Headlights

In automotive lighting technology, LED headlights are the recent trend. Most cars, especially luxury vehicles, come with LED lights. Many drivers are looking forward to upgrading to LEDs since they have been frustrated by the halogen bulbs’ dull and yellowish light output. There are many benefits you will love by switching to LED headlights. Following are a number of them.

Enhance Headlight Brightness

Many drivers want to upgrade to LED headlights to improve the light output. Doing this assures them a better driving experience. Usually, halogens are dim in design. Besides, they produce a yellowish light that makes one fall asleep. Hence, they are not ideal when driving at night. Luckily, led headlights to produce powerful light, with focused beam and incredible clarity.

Easy installation

These headlights are easy to install. When you have installation knowledge, it will take you only 10-15 minutes to install each headlight. Some headlights come with an installation guide. Therefore, this gives you room to do the installation alone. It is worth having an expert do the task for those who lack the installation guide.


Durability is a key reason many people consider buying led bulbs. Besides, they consume minimal power. In the automotive industry, led headlights are known to last longer, up to five years. For halogen headlights, they have a short lifespan since they can only last for about 0.75 years.

Save Money

The good thing about LED headlights is that they are cost-efficient. Each person desires to save money. When you buy them, you will save yourself close to 9 times more money than when purchasing halogen headlights. Besides consuming a lot of power, halogen headlights will require a lot of replacements.

Luxurious Appearance

A car with powerful LED headlights on the road looks beautiful. But, when it has a halogen headlight, it will appear dull due to the yellowish light. Consider getting the luxurious appearance of your vehicle while saving money and power by installing led headlights.

Type of LED Headlights

Generally, there are exist two types of led headlights. Car headlights must have high and low beams. For this to be achieved, manufacturers use one bulb integrated with high beam and low beam function to get a dual beam headlight. Otherwise, some designers come with separate bulbs with the low beam and high beam function separately to create single beam headlight.

Single beam headlights have two bulbs per headlight while dual beam headlights have one bulb per headlight. If your vehicle has a single beam headlights, you can only replace it with single beam bulbs. This is the same case for the dual beam headlights. Note that these two styles are interchangeable as the wiring for the two is different.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Best Led Headlights for F150

Q: How long should a headlight last?

A: Basically, some vehicles can use headlights throughout their lifetime without wearing out. But, a lot of headlights can last for an average of five years if properly maintained. The lifespan of a headlight is dependent on its material and road used.

Q: Can you buy headlights separately?

A: Most headlights are bought and sold in pairs. They include the passenger side and the driver side. However, some manufacturers can sell them separately.

Q: How do I know if the headlight will support my f150?

A: Mainly, the manufacturer will mention the supported vehicles. However, if you want to be sure, you can contact the manufacturer for a more definitive response.

Final Word

Selecting the best led headlights for f150 does not need to be challenging anymore. The primary secret to getting the best is doing a thorough investigation and not going for the first one you get on the market. However, worry no more if it is your first time making such purchases. We have made it a lot easier for you. In this post, we have outlined for you several led headlights for f150 and the essential factors you should consider before making your purchase. Thus, check this review and choose the best headlights for f150 when you need to make a replacement.

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