Best Seat Covers for Nissan Frontier

Best Seat Covers for Nissan Frontier
Best Seat Covers for Nissan Frontier

There is a huge difference between a brand new car and an old car that has been neglected for years. However, it is possible to change how your car looks like. You can make your car look new again. One of these ways is to install the best seat covers for Nissan frontier

As you strive to look for the ideal Nissan frontier seat covers, you need to know that it is not an easy task. First, you need to know what the market offers. Then, you need to find the right leather covers that fit your Nissan frontier.

You may ask, how can I find the best seat covers for 2019 Nisan Frontier yet I have never replaced any seat covers on my car? What qualities do I look for if I am to find the right seat covers? Read along to find the answers to these and other important questions.

Find Your Best Seat Covers For Nissan Frontier

If you do a diligent search, you will soon find out that the market offers a variety of many Nissan Frontier seat replacements than you though. For now, we have made things easier to you. Here are the 8 leather seats for Nissan Frontier you can check out:

1. BDK PolyPro Car Seat Interior Covers Full Set in Charcoal

The first thing about this leather seat covers for Nissan Frontier and SUVs is when installed, they are perfect for protecting against stains. Especially when carrying children in your car, it is inevitable to have some spills but be sure these seat covers will handle that.

BDK PolyPro are made from breathable materials, something that makes these covers ideal for those who use their car on a daily or regular basis. The outer part is made from high-quality poly material thus PolyPro. The material features enhanced ventilation.

These leather seats for Nissan frontier are easy to install. With just a few steps that are quite simple to follow, you can install these new leather covers in a matter of minutes. What is more, these leather seat covers are universal. That means they can fit most SUVs.

The other thing you’ll love about these Nissan frontier seat covers is they are stylish. Once properly installed, the seat covers give your car a fresh stylish look. Thanks to the fresh look, your colleagues may think that you’ve replaced your car for a new one.

Key Features

  1. Compatible with side airbags.
  2. Rear bench cover.


  • Breathable material.
  • Easy to install (a matter of minutes).
  • Protects your seats against stains and spills.
  • Versatile (you can use in most SUVs).
  • Stylish design, giving your Nissan frontier fresh look.


  • Made to fit a few SUVs.
  • Not a nice design.

2. FH Group FB083BLACK115 Full Set Neoprene Ultraflex™ Waterproof Black Automotive Seat Covers

FH Group has been around long enough to know what their clients need. Thanks to the manufacturer’s experience, they have released these semi-customized leather seat covers that now fit most cars.

It is important to note that although these seat covers are customized, they are not designed for those cars that already have leather covers. On the other hand, the material of these leather covers does not interfere with seats that seem heated.

To help in the easy installation of these best seat covers for 2019 Nissan frontier, the manufacturer has included certain key features. Among the important things FH Group has included in the package to make the installation process easy are loop opening, concealed hook and adjustable leather straps.

Stitching on the sides is special. Thanks to this simple yet ingenious design, it is easy to deploy airbags onto your leather seat covers. It is also important to know that these leather seats are only useful for those come with adjustable and detachable headrests.

Key Features

  1. Semi-customized.
  2. Come with adjustable straps.
  3. Installed hook and loop opening.
  4. Special side stitching.


  • Airbag compatible.
  • Perfect design with concealed loop and hook openings.
  • Easy to install and remove whenever needed.
  • Easy to deploy airbag.
  • Does not interfere with seats that heat.


  • Not compatible with vehicles with permanent headrests.

3. LUCKYMAN CLUB 2 PCS Gray Car Seat Covers 

If you look at many of this product’s online descriptions, you will see that it fits most Sedan SUVs. That is the truth. These 2-piece gray leather seat covers are made to last. They are water and wear resistant, something that means you will use these seat covers for years.

The leather seat covers come with additional features that make them ideal for seat cover replacement. For instance, they are airbag compatible, come with two pockets to carry a few stuffs, and safety belt buckles.

Under normal conditions, there is no way car keys or any other keys for that matter can scratch the leather. This alone means your leather seat covers will remain neat and beautiful for a long time.

The two front leather seat covers are designed to fit most recent car models such as the Nissan frontier, Rav 4, Honda Accord, and VW Passat among many more.

Key Features

  1. Made from high-quality PP cotton material.
  2. Two pockets.
  3. Exposed safety belt buckles.


  • Compatible with a variety of modern car brands.
  • Airbag compatible.
  • Perfect fit with nice designing.
  • You can easily wipe out dirt using a wet towel.
  • The leather material is scratch-free, water and wear resistant.
  • Easy to install.


  • You need to buy extra covers for the rear seats.

4. Leader Accessories 17pcs Black Faux Leather Car Seat Covers

From the name, it is easy to see that Leader Accessories have decided to give you a 17-pc product. These best seat covers for Nissan frontier are meant to cover all the seats in your vehicle and reserve others for other cars. Alternatively, you can gift a friend in need of rebranding his/her car.

While most of the manufacturers on this list carter for only seat covers, Leader Accessories goes beyond to give your car a completely new look. This 17-pc, therefore comes with among other things, a leather steering wheel cover.

With 3mm foam padding on all the seats, the manufacturer is keen on ensuring the perforated faux leather gives you the much-needed comfort.

The faux leather covers are designed in a way that each section can be opened and attached separately. For instance, you can bring down the cup holder and the middle armrest by simply unzipping.  

As for the bottom covers, they do not come with a zip but the backrest cover comes with 3 zippers, allowing for easy cleaning.

Key Features

  1. 17-pc set.
  2. Perforated faux leather.
  3. Airbag opening.
  4. 3mm foaming.
  5. Elastic mesh.


  • Quality features brought in one place.
  • Rebrands and refreshes the whole vehicle.
  • The buckles and zippers make it easy to remove to clean.
  • Fits most vehicle brands.


  • The material is so light thus can easily tear.
  • The fabric sticks to you when you sit for long.

5. Motor Trend LuxerFit Black Faux Leather Car Seat Covers (Front Seats)

BDK is bringing you yet another set of Nissan frontier seat covers you can trust. This product is for the front seats. Upon proper installation, the product gives you a luxurious and soft feel Thanks to the high-quality padding especially on the edges.

These leather seat covers come with front pockets that you can use to conveniently carry and store your stuff for as long as you want.  Thanks to a stitched divider, it is easy to keep your stuff organized inside the pockets.

The other unique thing about Motor Trend LuxerFit Faux Car seat covers is they feature an extended coverage design. This design means apart from the sitting area, the armrest, headrest and mid back are covered with the same quality of faux leather.

The sides have been given modern sideless styling. Thanks to the styling, there is full compatibility with other rear yet important features such as armrests and side airbags.

Motor Trend LuxerFit Black Faux Leather Car Seat Covers are designed to fit most modern vehicles thus universal fit. The main cover is 19.5” by 20.5”, 23.5” by 12” for the back seat, and 10.5” by 10” for the armrest.

Key Features

  1. 2-pc for the front seats.
  2. Made from microfiber leather.
  3. Extended coverage designed.


  • Padded to offer added comfort.
  • Easy to install within minutes.
  • Extended coverage allows for convenient carrying of luggage.
  • Fits many modern SUVs and other vehicles.


  • Some color shades contract dirt fast.
  • Hard to install the toggles at the bottom.

6. OASIS AUTO OS-001 Leather Car Seat Covers

This is perhaps one of the most beautiful products on this list of the best seat covers for Nissan frontier. From the choice of colors to a robust designing, these Nissan frontier back seat covers should be among your top considerations.

According to the manufacturer, there are currently over 100 different colors and shades to choose from. When properly installed, the leather seat covers give your vehicle a brand new and refreshing look.

If you buy these products right now, you will get a whole month money back guarantee thus giving you the confidence to purchase. With these leather seat covers, you are sure your organic seats will last many days.

Key Features

  1. Over 100 different colors and shades to choose from.
  2. 30-day warranty to receive your money.
  3. Extended foaming.
  4. Made from quality leather.


  • Fits most sedans and SUVs.
  • Extended organic seat covering.
  • Easy to fit.
  • No risks in purchasing thanks to money back guarantee.


  • They don’t fit perfectly thus move about.
  • You need to start your installation from the back seat.

7. INCH EMPIRE Car Seat Cover-Water Proof Synthetic Leather Seat Covers

These grey grid-colored leather seat covers are among the most popular among Nissan frontier seat replacement covers in the market. They are designed for among other vehicle brands, double cab trucks, Nissan Frontiers and Honda CRV.

To enable you install quickly, the product comes in parts namely front headrest covers, bucket seat covers for the front seats, and back seat covers, a compatible belt and round plates.

Like any leather jacket, the leather seat covers do not perforate the organic seats even if they are worn out. The other good thing about these leather seat covers is the backside of the main cover comes with a mesh storage bag. Here, you can carry a few of your stuffs for the journey.

The main surface layer (sitting area) is made from a thick synthetic leather measure some 0.9mm. The material is wear resistant yet offering an exceptionally soft texture to sit on.

Adjustable back cover makes it easy to carry even large items such as phones and laptops. The storage compartment is made from high-quality fabric and includes features such as velcro and zippers.

Key Features

  1. Grey grid color.
  2. Leather material.
  3. Features velcro and zipper closings.
  4. 0.9mm thick padding.


  • Comfortable foaming.
  • Tear and wear resistant.
  • Attractive color.
  • Comes with extra pockets for carrying luggage.
  • Front and rear colors blend nicely with most car brands including Mazda, Hyundai, Nissan, Honda, Ford, Chevy, Kia, and Acura.


  • Easy to contract dirt.

8. Aierxuan 5pcs Car Seat Covers Full Set with Waterproof Leather

These black leather seat covers for Nissan Frontier and other compatible vehicles are not only adjustable but also versatile. Because of their color and material, the covers do not contract dirt and tear easily.

The seat pillow covers are detachable. In addition, the side straps are almost unseen. This feature alone makes the product ideal for people who do not want to show off that they have made changes in their SUV interior.

Airbugs are compatible, so as the zippers and straps. Besides, the leather seat covers are waterproof. Cleaning is also extremely easy because you simply need to use a wet towel to wipe off any dirt and spillage.

The faux leather material is excellent when it comes to durability, texture, scratch resistance, and is ultimately water resistant.

Key Features

  1. 5pcs of leather seat covers.
  2. Made from faux leather material.
  3. Features compatible airbugs.


  • Quick installation process.
  • Wear and tear resistance.
  • Waterproof.
  • Easy to wipe off dirt.
  • Excellent padding.


  • The straps are weak.
  • Hard to install on back seats

Best Seat Covers for Nissan Frontier Buying Considerations

Obviously, you are not going to buy a leather seat cover for Nissan Frontier because it appeared on top of the list. The more you take your time to do some in-depth research, the closer you would be to finding the right Nissan seat covers frontier.

Thankfully, this buyer’s guide will give you some of the top things you need to look up for.

Ease of Installation

Perhaps you’ve seen that most of the products we have featured in our list of 8 leather seats for Nissan frontier are easy to install. The reason why most of the products are so is because we have tried to simplify the search for you.

It is reasonable that you won’t go for a leather seat cover that will take you a whopping 45 minutes to install while you can find a cover that you can install in 10 or so minutes.

From experience, zipper-designed seat covers are the best. They are easy to remove and take back when cleaning.


It is true that a majority of leather seat covers are waterproof. However, you need to be careful. Some companies can write on the product package that the product is water resistant when in real sense it isn’t.

One of the things that will help you decide whether the leather seat cover is waterproof or not is the material. For instance, it is conventional that leather does not absorb water, at least momentarily.

Therefore, let your instincts be guided by the material to know whether the leather cover for Nissan Frontier seats is waterproof or not.


We cannot emphasize enough that an excellent seat cover must be made of either genuine leather or faux leather. Anything less that would tear and wear off fast. Thanks to their designing and precise features, the two materials are a good deal when you need to replace your organic seats.

If you find a woven design and a good choice of color, your vehicle’s interior will look stunning. Surprisingly, these two materials make good seat covers because they are not only long lasting but also scratch and UV rays resistant.

If you do a proper choice of material, you will not be scared to travel with your pet or have a problem with your toddlers for fear of scratching the seats.


There is no doubt that proper ventilation whether it is in your car or on the seats is essential. A breathable material allows air to circulate, leaving your organic seats intact. A breathable seat cover prevents scents and odors from sticking in your car, leaving it smelling fresh.

Additional Features

A Nissan frontier seat replacement pack is not complete without additional features such as water bottle hole, straps, pockets, armrest cover, and additional compartment for your luggage. What is more, finding a seat cover with separate compartments is a plus especially when it comes to installing and cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About The Best Seat Covers for Nissan Frontier

Q: How do I know if a seat cover fits my car?

A: You can know if a seat cover fits your car by looking at your car information such as model, make, and year of manufacture.

Q: Are seat covers easy to clean?

A: Most seat covers are easy to cleaning using a wet towel and mild soap. Others are machine wash-friendly thus, you will not find a problem cleaning them.

Q: How can I clean my car seats?

A: A vinegar mixture is one of the best solutions to clean car seats. You can make the mixture by adding a little hot water, a cup of vinegar, and a few drops of dish soap.

Q: Can I clean seat covers without removing them?

A: You can use a wet or baby towel to clean seat covers without removing them.

Q: Do universal seat covers fit all vehicles?

A: Universal seat covers can fit all vehicle brands but in most cases, you need to do a few adjustments for them to fit completely.

Final Thoughts

I’m sure that this guide on the best seat covers for Nissan frontier has assisted you in finding the ideal seat covers for your vehicle. One thing I have learnt along the way is you are the determinant.

You can make people despise you or venerate you. Once they see changes in your car interior or exterior, some quickly conclude that you’ve bought a new car. Even if they realize, a revamp gives you an upper hand.

The important thing is your Nissan Frontier, Mazda, Honda, Kia, or any other vehicle for that matter, looks stunning. Your seats are more attractive and are likely to last several months even years after the replacement, something that gives you a sense of honor.

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