Ultimate Buying Guide About Best Shocks For Dodge Dakota

Best Shocks For Dodge Dakota
Best Shocks for Dodge Dakota

Whether you like it not, a time will come when you need to change your shocks. If you are not a mechanic or some motor vehicle nerd, it will be tricky to find the best shocks for dodge Dakota. It’s impressive that you are on this page because I will not only show you some of the Best Dodge Dakota Shocks but also tip you on what you need to look for when you are searching for dodge Dakota shocks.

Best Shocks For Dodge Dakota Reviews

A perfect, dodge Dakota shock absorber, should not only fit your 4×4 but also perform optimally for some time. First, you need to know that in most cases, you will need to use your mechanic to fix your shock absorber problem. Even so, it’s your primary responsibility to buy dodge Dakota shocks replacement kit.

That is why, this review is very important to you. Stay right here as I take you through 10 best shocks for dodge Dakota.

1. Detroit Axle -4WD Front and Rear Shock Absorbers For 1998-2003 Dodge Dakota

This is a 4-set dodge Dakota shock absorber replacement kit. The first good thing about these dodge Dakota shocks is they are compatible with dodge Dakota 4WDs manufactured in 1997 through 2004. In addition, they can replace factory-manufactured shocks for 1998-2003 Dakota Durangos 4WD.

The suspension is ready for any rough and rigorous experience awaiting the shocks after fitting them. What is more, you can use these dodge Dakota shocks replacement kit for personal cars, SUVs, trucks and passenger vehicles.

Thanks to their robust design and make, they are bound to give you good service. In fact, aware of the genuine material used to make these dodge Dakota shocks, the manufacturer gives you a whopping 10-year warranty.

To ensure you have the best service, Detroit Axle Front and Rear Shocks have been specially tested against fatigue, wear, and impact. That is the reason you can trust this 4-pc replacement kit.

In a box, you will find 2 front shocks and 2 rear shocks.

Key Features              

  1. 2 rear passenger/driver shock absorbers.
  2. 2 front passenger/driver shocks.
  3. 10-year warranty.


  • Compatible with a variety of models.
  • Tested against fatigue, impact and wear.
  • Durable.
  • Affordable option.
  • Made from quality metal.


  • May not fit all the models mentioned.

2. SENSEN 2270 Front and Rear Struts

These grey shocks with an outer powder coat are what you need as a replacement when your OE shocks have faulted. Like the first product above, SENSEN too can fit the 1997-2004 and 1998-2004 Dodge Dakota and Dodge Durango respectively.

The product features a limited warranty not because it is of poor quality but because the manufacturer is confident of the service it will give you. To give you the needed service, these shocks are precision-engineered.

As such, these shocks provide maximum performance, improved vehicle control and the needed durability. Besides, because this is nitrogen gas-charged Dakota dodge shock, you can be certain that the twin-tube strut will last.

The product does not come with boot cover, bumper, coil spring, insulators, bearing plate or even the top mount But you can still trust the process.

Key Features

  1. Powder coated.
  2. Ideal for 1997-2004 Dakota 4WD.
  3. 1998-2003 Dakota Durango 4WD.


  • Optimum fit.
  • Durable product.
  • Compatible.
  • Works perfectly like OEM.
  • Restores vehicles original smooth ride.


  • Not a good performer during winter.
  • Doesn’t come with mounting accessories.

3. Bilstein 24-185233 Front Shock For Dodge Dakota 4WD HD

As the name suggests, this is a front or driver shock. This front dodge Dakota shock absorber fits 1997-98 Dodge Dakota. The colorful shock absorber is perhaps one of the best shocks for dodge Dakota that is equipped with a lifetime warranty.

It has an eye dimension of 12.1mm. Unlike many best shocks for dodge Dakota 4×4 you will see on this list, Bilstein 24-185233 is a monotube type of shock absorber. The good thing about this motor vehicle spare part is that is engineered to give you the required stability whether you are loaded or not.

Still on stability, the shock is famed to work best on trucks, small cars and gives daily drivers the ability to have firm control of their vehicles when driving on poorly done or rough roads. Additionally, these shocks are good in eliminating aeration.

With the absence of air, the tires are bound to glue themselves to the road, providing you with a perfect ride.

Key Features

  1. Monotube design.
  2. Yellow body with blue spring.
  3. Lower mount eye measures 12.1mm.


  • Perfect fit.
  • Easy to install.
  • Fits many other vehicle brands.
  • Exceptional driver stability and control.


  • Limited lifetime warranty.

4. Shock Absorbers Front and Rear Kit (Set of 4)

These four-piece dodge Dakota shocks are gas-charged assemblies that help restore vehicle balance thus providing a smooth drive. They are specially designed to fit 1997-2004 Dodge Dakotas and 1998-2003 Dodge Durangos.

The foremost thing about these 4-pc shock absorbers is that they are easy and quick to install. In fact, if you are able to wear an overall and get under your car, you can fix the shocks within a few minutes.

As a premium shock, this product has springs that are specially concealed to avoid any dirt from entering the shocks. Although the two (front and rear) differ a little in design, when fit properly, they provide ample ride.


  • Easy to fit.
  • Great price.
  • Made using quality material.
  • Compatible with a majority of car models and brands.


  • Only works better by themselves (don’t mix other shocks).

5. CCIYU 4 x Front Rear Struts Shock Absorbers Fit For 1997-2004 for Dodge Dakota

cciyu 4 x Front Rear Struts Shock Absorbers is an excellent option if you wish to give your dodge Dakota’s shock system a full overhaul. The set includes both shocks and struts.

Happily, these two components are rust-resistant, and no temperature changes can cause severe damage to them. Besides, the oil’s viscosity within the shocks cannot be affected by the heat generated during the absorption process of the shocks.

cciyu shock absorbers are suitable for all road condition types. This enables you to use your vehicle to transport heavy workloads or drive off the road. Nevertheless, these shocks are pretty bulky. Hence, they will add extra weight to your vehicle.

Key Features

  1. Efficient heat dispersion.
  2. Set includes replacement struts for Dodge Dakota.
  3. Excellent shock absorption regardless of the road contentions.
  4. Resistant to environmental damage.


  • Heat resistant.
  • Rust-resistant.
  • Improves the stability of a vehicle.
  • Durable.


  • Suitable for owners who want to replace all shocks.
  • Compatible with a limited number of Dodge Dakota models.

6. Scitoo Gas Strut Shock Absorber Front and Rear fit 1997-2004 for Dodge Dakota (2WD)

These four shock absorbers are compatible with 1997-2004 for Dodge Dakota and 1999-2004 Dodge Durango.

Besides guaranteeing you long service life, these products are resistant to high corrosion. The steel rod of this product is micro-polished with a double chrome plate. With an exact fit, the installation task is easy.

For safety purposes, these shocks use Teflon bonded piston seal to keep temperature cooler and friction down. As a result, valving stays firmer, and your vehicle ride comfort is enhanced. In addition, they improve steering and braking issues.

On quality matters, these shocks are 100% brand new. They have been tested to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Thus, you have a guarantee they are not used or junkyard parts.

Key Features

  1. Compatible with 1997-2004 for Dodge Dakota.
  2. Ideal for 1999-2004 for Dodge Durango.


  • 100% brand new product.
  • High corrosion resistance.
  • Durable product.
  • Easy to install.
  • Tested to meet or exceed OEM specifications.


  • The 4 pieces are too big and heavy.

7. Monroe 58650 Monroe Load Adjust Shock Absorber

This is the best shocks you can get on the market at a reasonable price. They help reduce friction and provide consistency for driving your Dodge Dakota.

These great shocks come with excellent specifications. They include a compressed length of 15 inches and an extended length of 24 inches. In addition, the body comes with a metal dust shield. Besides, the spring rate is 37, and the lower and upper mounting codes are 12 mm sleeves with an ID of 1.11/16 inches Sleeve OAL.

They are designed for maximum coverage on all functions. The pumps have an all-weather fluid containing special modifiers for reducing friction and ensuring smooth rod reaction.

In addition, these are best shocks for dodge Dakota 4×4 which have a full-displaced valve tune for every application and will adjust themselves automatically to all types of roads. The fluon banded piston offers you a comprehensive sealed solution between the piston and the pressure tube.

Key Features

  1. All-weather fluid.
  2. Full displaced valving.
  3. Fluon banded piston.


  • Durable shocks.
  • A heavy-gauge calibrated springs offer better control.
  • Ideal for light trucks and low trucks.
  • Reduces jumps on rough terrain.


  • Does not raise height when loads get more than 1100 pounds.

8. Maxorber Full Set of 4 Shocks Struts Absorber Kit

This product comes with a chromed piston rod that enhances its lifespan. Also, the chromed material helps the shocks to be resistant to rust.

These shocks come with Japanese-made oil seals that assure good quality and reliable tightened seals. Besides, they help reduce friction between the surfaces. These seals get charged with nitrogen gas which offers a fluent experience in harsh roads.

In addition, they feature seamless cylinders that lessen the chance of splitting and guarantee firm contact between the cylinder and the piston.

With the upgrading steering, stability, and stopping of the shocks, you have assured a safe and enjoyable ride. Additionally, these shocks provide dampening solid power for the condition. This gives you a guarantee of proper control and offers a safe ride.

They come with buckle holes that make their installation easy.

Key Features

  1. Chromed piston rod.
  2. Japanese made oil seals.
  3. Nitrogen gas charged.
  4. Seamless cylinder and sleeves.
  5. Buckle holes.
  6. High-performance shock absorber.


  • Durable product.
  • No squeaking noise produced.
  • Rust resistant.
  • Easy to install.


  • Springs and mounts are not included in the package.

9. Rancho RS5000X Gas Shocks Set Compatible with 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2WD 4WD WJ

These shocks from Rancho are almost similar to factory shocks. They have a 2.3” body with a 1.38” internal piston. In addition, they offer quality dampening for a smoother ride, even on rough terrains.

This product comes in a set of 4 shocks. They fit 2WD, and 4WD vehicles at factory height or 0 inches front lift and 0 inches rear lift WJ. In all the shocks, shock boots are included.

In addition, they come with improved hydraulic damping and velocity-sensitive valving. They are designed to generate a proportional damping force to the compression velocity involving the shock extension. Additionally, they deliver low resistance with more excellent resistance and slow compression with fast compression.

This kit comes with all the washers, nuts, brushings required for a fast installation. Note that the factory shock mounting bolts are reused for installation.

Key Features

  1. Fits 2WD and 4WD vehicles.
  2. Washers, brushings, and nuts included.
  3. Set of 4 shocks.
  4. Advanced compression phase.
  5. Rebound valving system.


  • Easy to install.
  • Affordable.
  • Provides faster rebounds.
  • Gas pressurization of shock.
  • Used in a 2WD and 4WD.


  • Limited service life.

Things to Consider Buying Best Shocks For Dodge Dakota

Best Shocks For Dodge Dakota

You cannot just pick the first dodge Dakota shocks you find on the market if you want to get the best. This calls for thorough research before making purchases. Below, I have outlined several factors you need to consider in your research before buying the best shocks for dodge dakota.

Type of Shock Absorber

Above this post, I have discussed 9 different types of shock absorbers. This means you have first to understand the role of shocks you are looking forward to buying to help you locate the best. For example, some shocks cannot be installed in a dodge Dakota that requires being driven off-road. Therefore, make sure you get shocks that will serve you better, dependent on your needs.


With adjustable shocks, you have a guarantee of more flexibility for a smoother ride. You can easily adjust them to give your vehicle your desired height. When the height is adjustable, driving through difficult terrains becomes easier.


You found it clear that shocks come at different prices. But, do not rely on price more than the quality and capacity of the shocks. Make sure you only buy shocks that will give you the best performance at the best price.

Your Driving Conditions

A twin-tube shock will work perfectly if you are driving on a highway. However, this cannot be the same case when driving off-road. The best shocks for an off-road require to be strong enough to handle difficult terrains.

Construction Material

Performance and durability are crucial factors you should not overlook in a shock absorber. Keep in mind that the material used in the shocks constructions will determine the pressure and power the shocks carry. I advise you to buy shocks made of strong materials like aluminum and steel if a great performance is what you want.


On the market, there are all sorts of shocks. Some are aftermarket shocks, while original equipment manufacturers manufacture others. The OEM shocks are costly. Nevertheless, you will get the best performance from them.

I don’t mean you should not go for the aftermarket shocks. When you get those manufactured by reputable aftermarket brands, you will get exactly what you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About The Best Shocks for Dodge Dakota

Q: Will new shocks make the ride smoother?

A: Many people think that new shocks only make their ride smoother. However, the truth is that they can do a whole lot more. New shocks make a vehicle corner, and brake like it is new.

Q: Why are shocks gas-filled?

A: There are several important functions gas serves to enhance the ride control characteristics of the shock. One of them is increasing the resistance of fluid flow into the reserve tube. This helps prevent dump into the reserve tube. Besides, the gas improves valving performance during the compression stroke.

Q: Do you need an alignment after replacing shocks?

A: After replacing shocks on your vehicle, you don’t need alignment. Replacing shocks has nothing to do with the alignment unless the spring has lost some of its tension.


Investing in the best shocks for dodge Dakota can save you from a considerable amount of headache in the long run. Remember, shock absorbers determine your ride quality on various terrains. Having bad quality shocks on the road will give you an unpleasant drive experience. In addition, they will ruin the entire performance of your vehicle. For this reason, I recommend you spend your time reading the above review. That way, you will learn the different types of the best shocks for the 2001 dodge Dakota 4×4 and many more that can suit your vehicle-based in your needs.

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