Best Spark Plugs for 5.0 Coyote

Best Spark Plugs for 5.0 Coyote
Best Spark Plugs For 5.0 Coyote

Nothing is more fascinating than starting a sports car without hassles once you turn on the ignition key. The joy simply hits differently! However, on the other hand, it’s even more depressing and embarrassing to turn on the ignition several times without any response.

If you have ever been in that situation where you’re stuck due to a difficult startup, chances are you were stranded. And chances are you don’t want a repeat of such an incident. But first, you have to understand why your car couldn’t start.

Hard starting can be caused by a lot of engine problems including a faulty Kick starter, but none of these causes is as common as a bad spark plug. Therefore, you need the best spark plugs for 5.0 Coyote to have a satisfactory user experience. Luckily, that and more are what we shall cover in this review.

Best Spark Plugs for 5.0 Coyote Reviews

High-performance engines like the 5.0 Mustang Coyote and Mustang Ecoboost require the best set of spark plugs to reach their full potential. Given the numerous brands of spark plugs that are available in the market today, it’s very confusing to arrive at the best option.

That’s why we’ve carefully narrowed down the options to help you choose the very best.

1. HiVehicle Platinum Spark Plug

Since coming on board in 1992, HiVehicle has been a stalwart in the automobile industry. Especially when it comes to manufacturing reliable Coyote Mustang Spark plugs.

The HiVehicle platinum spark plug is compatible with a wide range of Ford engines, including F150, F250, and F350.

Here are Some Key Features to forward to:

  1. High-quality Materials: The spark plug is made of high-quality materials including purified alumina powder insulator which guarantees high dielectric strength and heat conductivity. Besides, the 0.6mm platinum tip is thin enough to lower the required spark voltage and improve ignition consistency.
  2. High Performance And Fuel Efficiency: The G-power alloy spark plug minimizes fuel consumption, thanks to the triple gasket seal that prevents gas leakage. It also reduces carbon emissions and offers rapid ignition. As a result, the overall performance of the engine is boosted.
  3. High Durability: The trivalent metal plating provides anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties to enhance durability.

And above all, the HiVehicle spark plug is a very reliable option to consider in terms of general performance and mechanical workability, making it one of the best 5.0 Coyote spark plugs for Mustang available today.


  • Low emissions
  • High fuel economy
  • Consistent sparks and ignition
  • Stable performance
  • Improved design that guarantees durability


  • Compatibility issues.

2. New Motorcraft SP519 Spark Plug

The Motorcraft brand is a prominent manufacturer of Ford Original Equipment parts. That’s why their products are trusted among the Ford users community and the new Motorcraft SP519 Spark plug is not left out.

Hence, if you are looking for a well-trusted set of 5.0 Coyote spark plugs for Mustang F150 2011-2017, this should be an ideal buy.

The output of the product is one of the best compared to other brands in the same category. And interestingly, it still maintains a budget-friendly price.

Some Key Features to Expect are as Follows:

  1. Platinum-padded Electrodes: Nothing can be tougher than a platinum-iridium spark plug. But most importantly, this plug also features two fine-wire electrodes that are padded with platinum for more durability.
  2. Heat Conduction: The full ground strap improves heat transfer while the thick insulator prevents misfirings related to dry startups. With this sort of stability, the combustion chamber operates optimally.
  3. High-quality Steel Shell: The spark plug also features a steel shell with a nickel-coated exterior tough enough to withstand heavy-duty usage without any form of wear or corrosion.


  • Anti-corrosion and extremely reduced wears
  • Longer operational life
  • Quality metal coatings for higher endurance
  • A trusted spark plug for 5.0 Ford F150 2011-2017


  • No significant disadvantage

3. NGK Spark Plugs (USA), Inc 4929

NGK is another US brand that deals in original equipment and automobile replacement parts.

If you are particularly looking for 5.0 Coyote spark plugs for Mustang to economize fuel consumption and improve mileage, this should be the real bargain.

The Copper/nickel Spark Plug Also Offers Other Outstanding Features Irrespective of the Low Price:

  1. Wider Heat Range: NGK 4929 delivers a wider heat range compared to many spark plugs in its category, thanks to the solid copper core. The alumina ceramic also ensures adequate heat transfer and electrical insulation.
  2. Copper/Nickel Material: The solid copper core and nickel-tipped electrode offer an extended service life.
  3. Anti-Flashover Design: The spark plug features a 5-rib insulator structure that helps to prevent flashovers.
  4. Easy Installation/Removal: The corrosion-resistant plating makes installation and removal as easy as it can get.
  5. Anti-Gas Leakage: NGK’s patented triple gasket sealing reduces the chances of gas leakage to the barest minimum.


  • Wider heat range for safe and optimal engine performance
  • Anti-flashover design
  • Anti-gas leakage
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Budget-friendly


  • An inaccurate description can result in the delivery of the wrong NGK model.

4. NGK (7397-4PK) TR5IX Iridium IX Spark Plug

NGK (7397-4PK) is an ideal alternative if you seek the best spark plugs for Coyote Mustang. Especially if you prefer iridium spark plugs.

The performance level and ignitability of the plug are simply impressive. You also get to enjoy improved throttle response and zero fouling.

Here are Some Detailed Features to Look Forward to:

  1. Durability and Consistency: The 0.6mm laser welded fine iridium tip offers some durability and sparking consistency. This goes a long way to reduce the chances of electrical quenching. Moreover, the iridium alloy has a very high melting point; hence, the spark plug is resistant to heat and electrical wear.
  2. Anti-Fouling: The spark plug features a longer insulator nose that lowers the possibility of fouling.
  3. Anti-Flashover Insulator: The ribbed insulator design prevents flashovers and hence reduces the chances of misfiring.
  4. Anti-Corrosion: The trivalent metal plating makes the plug resistant to corrosion, rust, and seize.

Overall, the superior design and material of the plug make it one of the best spark plugs for Mustang Ecoboost and other high-performance engines like Mustang Coyote.


  • High ignitability and improved throttle response.
  • Anti-fouling
  • Anti-corrosion and seize
  • High performance


  • The service life is not consistent in various compatible engines.

5. Motorcraft SP-520 Spark Plug

The SP-520 spark plug is another top invention by Motorcraft aimed at reducing electrode wear beyond the capability of a single platinum spark plug.

The platinum content of the plug is 2 or 3 times more than single platinum. Plus the platinum doesn’t only coat the center electrode but extends to the ground electrode as well. Thus, the spark plug is solidly built for ultimate performance.

Other Key Aspects of the Product are as Follows:

  1. Anti-wear Properties: The center electrode is fortified with iridium, coupled with the double-platinum coating of both the center and ground electrodes. This combination of iridium and platinum (two tough metals) improves resistance against wear and enhances durability.
  2. Low Firing Voltage And Enhanced Ignitability: Motorcraft SP-520 spark plug is designed in a cylindrical shape that lowers the required firing voltage and boosts ignitability.
  3. Anti-Corrosion And Seize: The spark plug features a chromium-plated shell with threads designed to resist any form of rust or seize.
  4. 100,000-Mile Service Life: Initial testing and retesting prove that Motorcraft SP-520 can fire up to 100,000 miles before requiring any change. Thus, it remains one of the best spark plugs for Mustang Ecoboost and other similar engines.


  • Wear-resistant properties
  • Chromium shell to resist corrosion and seize
  • Low firing voltage for improved ignitability
  • Extended service life.
  • Ford’s original Equipment spark plug
  • A decent price for outstanding quality.


  • No significant disadvantage

Why Do You Need Best Spark Plugs for 5.0 Coyote?

The importance of a spark plug in a vehicle cannot be overemphasized. Yet, some car users often see it as another cheap car accessory out there.

To begin with, your car simply can’t start without spark plugs since they generate the needed sparks that ignite your car engine.

No doubt, the engine oversees the chemical and mechanical conversions required for locomotion; however, the spark plug generates and transmits the electrical energy (sparks) that results in the ignition of the engine. Thus, experts argue that while the engine is the heart of the car, the spark plug is the heart of the engine. Because spark plugs play a more primary role!

Apart from triggering ignition, spark plugs also help in dissipating extra heat and keeping the engine cool. Besides, its role in mileage efficiency and the overall stability of the engine cannot be downplayed.

How Coyote Mustang Spark Plugs Work

The main idea of spark plugs is to ignite a compressed combination of air and fuel in each cylinder of an internal combustion engine powered by gasoline.

A typical spark plug has an insulated center electrode that extends through the length of the plug and a ground electrode at the extreme, usually separated from the exposed tip of the center electrode by a gap known as “spark gap”.

When the voltage delivered from the ignition coil to the spark plug is high enough, the electrical energy is bound to jump the gap, thereby creating a spark!

The most important part of a spark plug is arguably the electrodes which were traditionally made of copper-core; but nowadays, they are also made of special materials like iridium or high-nickel alloys.

Modern-day Coyote Mustang spark plugs are remarkably known to have smaller center electrodes to reduce the amount of voltage required to create a spark. This, of course, makes newer plugs more efficient when it comes to fast ignition.

Types of Coyote Mustang Spark Plugs

There are different types of Coyote Mustang spark plugs to fit your car’s specifications or the particular features you seek.

The 5 main types of spark plugs are copper/nickel, single platinum, double platinum, iridium, and silver spark plugs.

Let’s throw more light on each of them.

1. Copper/nickel Spark Plug

This type of spark plug is typically made of a copper center electrode coated with a nickel alloy. The diameter of the electrode is one of the largest compared to other types. Hence, it requires a higher voltage to generate a spark.

Besides, nickel alloy is not a very durable material and will need to be replaced more often. Fortunately, it’s a cheap alternative.

Some cars are typically designed to use copper/nickel plugs, irrespective of their shorter life span. That’s why you are not necessarily advised to install a more expensive or durable spark plug since it will be a waste of money if your car is not compatible with it. The best you can do is go through your manual for the ideal recommendation.

2. Single Platinum Spark Plugs

The single platinum spark plug is similar to copper/nickel, except that a platinum disc is welded to the tip of its center electrode instead of just nickel alloy.

This platinum disc offers more durability to the center electrode as it lasts longer before wearing away.

Single platinum plugs also generate more heat, which lowers carbon buildup. It’s highly recommended for newer car models with a coil-on-plug ignition mechanism.

3. Double Platinum Spark Plugs

The striking difference between a single and a double platinum spark plug is that the latter has a platinum coating both on the center and ground electrodes. This is unlike a single platinum plug that has a platinum coating for only the center electrode.

The double electrode coating brings about greater efficiency and longevity. And accordingly, such spark plugs are recommended for a wasted spark ignition system which causes more wear on both electrodes compared to other ignition systems.

4. Iridium Spark Plugs

Iridium spark plugs are the most durable option since iridium is said to be 6 times harder and 8 times stronger than the normal platinum metal.

This set of spark plugs come with small center electrodes that require significantly less voltage to generate sparks.

The only downside of iridium spark plugs is that they are relatively more expensive. Nonetheless, the advantages outweigh the cost. That’s why most car manufacturers would rather use Iridium spark plugs in their vehicles.

With that said, you are advised to stick to original equipment iridium spark plugs instead of downgrading to copper/nickel versions during replacements, as such downgrades could result in lower engine performance.

5. Silver Spark Plugs

Silver spark plugs are not common nowadays since most modern cars require either copper/nickel, platinum, or iridium spark plugs. Moreover, silver metal is not as durable as any of the options above.

Silver plugs are mostly compatible with older European cars and motorcycles which are rarely in stock today.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Spark Plugs For 5.0 Coyote

One popular quote among car users is “A spark plug is a spark plug no matter the type”. However, that idea is completely WRONG. Because certain brands or specifications of spark plugs are indeed superior to others, depending on what the car requires.

Again, the market today is filled with lots of substandard spark plugs which are usually imitations of the original products.

Therefore, to select the best spark plugs for 5.0 Coyote, you have to pay attention to the following:


This is probably the most important factor to consider if you want to get the best set of spark plugs for your 5.0 Coyote. The specific metal type a spark plug is made of goes a long way to determine its quality.

Coyote Mustang spark plugs are mostly made of 3 distinct materials: copper/nickel, platinum, and iridium.

Each of these materials is ideal for Mustang Coyote or Ecoboost engines, depending on your budget or the performance level you are satisfied with.

To find out the specific material of a particular product, you can either go through the manual or visit the manufacturer’s website.


Some spark plugs fit better in certain car brands than others. That’s why you should pay attention to how compatible a particular product is with your car.

For instance, if you own a Mustang Coyote or F150 Coyote, you should specifically go for V8 spark plugs that come 8 pieces per pack, since Coyotes are typically 8-cylinder engines. Also, pay attention to your car’s model/year to confirm if the spark plug is an ideal fit.

To be most certain, you should check your car manual for information regarding the most compatible spark plug.

Heat Dissipation And Heat Range

Spark plugs operationally produce sparking energy that can increase the internal temperature of an engine. Without any form of heat transfer, this internal engine temperature could increase until it causes serious damage. Hence, heat dissipation is one quality to look out for while buying a 5.0 Coyote spark plugs for Mustang.

Also, try to figure out the general heat range of the spark plug to determine how well it can perform under extreme temperatures (hot or cold).

And most importantly, find out the materials the plug is made of since some materials (silver, for instance) have better thermal conductivity than many others.

Authentic Dealer

This should actually be the first thing to consider when buying Coyote Mustang spark plugs, as long as you want the very best.

The United States, Germany, and other European brands are famous for producing and exporting high-quality spark plugs. However, Countries like China, for instance, notoriously imitate original brands and flood the market with substandard products.

Hence, you should consider if the spark plug dealer is trusted enough before making any purchase. Similarly, make sure the dealer imports/buys directly from reputable countries/firms that produce the best spark plugs for Coyote Mustang.

To guarantee the authenticity of the dealer, read the customer reviews on their products and services.

Final Opinion

If you’ve read this review to this point, you will agree that each of the products discussed above has a specific or a couple of features that qualify it as one of the best spark plugs for 5.0 Coyote. That’s why singling out the overall best will always be a hard nut to crack.

However, based on the standard buying guides we provided earlier on, the best spark plugs for Mustang Ecoboost or  5.0 Coyote should be made of a combination of quality materials to guarantee durability and high performance. It should require a low firing voltage for high inevitability, while also dissipating extra heat. Besides, it has to command a high melting point to withstand the damages of high temperatures. But most importantly, the best spark plugs for Coyote Mustang should come from authentic dealers who offer original equipment accessories. That’s why we recommend the Motorcraft SP-520 Spark Plug. Because even though the package comes at a relatively low price, it still features all the qualities above and can last up to 100,000 miles.


1. How many spark plugs does a 5.0 F150 have?

5.0 F150 engines are generally 8-cylinder engines. Hence, they contain 8 spark plugs for each cylinder.

2. What happens if you don’t gap spark plugs correctly?

Improper gapping of spark plugs can result in a wide range of engine malfunction including misfiring, roughness, difficult startup, knocking, and so on.

3. What causes a spark plug to explode?

A spark plug explosion or blowout occurs when the plug is fastened too tightly or too loosely into the engine port. This prevents the plug from effectively transferring and channeling electrical charge to the engine block, causing the plug to break down.

4. Is 3.5 or 2.7 EcoBoost better?

Both spark plug models are reliable, depending on what you want. If you are interested in boosting power output or improving towing capacity, then 3.5L Ecoboost is the real deal. However, if you prefer to enhance fuel efficiency, then 2.7L Ecoboost won’t be a bad option.

5. What are the best spark plugs for a 3.5 EcoBoost?

The best spark plugs for Mustang Ecoboost must be made of durable materials and can maintain a wider heat range while ensuring top performance.

That’s why Motorcraft, HiVehicle, and NGK brands remain the best.

6. What brand of spark plugs does Ford use?

Ford engines are compatible with all the spark plugs recommended by the Ford Motor Company, which strictly include Motorcraft spark plugs.

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