Best Struts for Nissan Maxima

Best Struts for Nissan Maxima
Best Struts for Nissan Maxima

Are you noticing something wrong with your car? Is it getting tipped while turning, having uneven tire wear, or off-balance at higher speed? It occurs due to the problematic struts of your vehicle. So, if you have a Nissan Maxima and facing these problems, we can help you with reviews of the best struts for Nissan Maxima.

The strut is a structural organ of the most modern suspension system that will ensure your ride is safe, smooth and save your car from road bumps.

Supporting the weight of the vehicle is the primary purpose of struts. Strut acts as a shock absorber and saves both of you and your car when your car faces any kind of road deformities or bumps.

So, let’s start with us.

Review of Best Struts for Nissan Maxima

There are many struts in the market place, and these struts are compatible with the different versions of Maxima. So, you should buy struts according to the year of your car’s release. Now we will give you a list of 5 struts reviews. It will help you to choose the reliable and durable strut for your Nissan Maxima at a reasonable price.

1.Detroit Axle 172604-172605 Front Struts Complete Assembly and Coil Spring For 2009-2014

Detroit Axle uses quality materials to create Detroit Axle struts and coil spring assemblies. Manufacturers make a perfect combination of parts and accessories with quality and value. The coil spring set is made with a premium-grade steel base material. And it ensures the long-lasting life of Detroit Axle Strut.

They manufactured it with internal bearing seals. These seals have especially combated all types of roads to keep the bearings turning and keeping debris out.

Detroit Axle offers extensive coverage for bearings. That comprehensive coverage provides a range of heavy-duty and automotive 4×4 wheel applications. The performance of this strut is excellent. The performance, durability, and reliability of the Detroit Axle are satisfactory, which will help you balance your car’s high speed correctly.

ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9002 certified the Detroit Axle for its facilities. It provides a comprehensive lineup of bearings. It also provides so many things like-

cv Axles,

gear Boxes,

power and manual steering Rack and Pinions,

prop Shafts,

drive Shafts, and much more.

This brand product delivers the fit, feel, look, and performance of OE.


  1. The replacement of automotive suspension strut shock absorber and shock assembly
  2. Designed to return your vehicle to its original handling and ride quality
  3. Strut assembly kit provides longer-lasting work
  4. Weight: 22 pounds
  5. Replacement for Nissan Maxima 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012,2013,2014 struts


  • Strut kits work well for Nissan Maxima models
  • Long-lasting spring lifecycle
  • Return vehicle to the original ride quality
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to install


  • No more than 2 hours to put perfectly

2. ECCPP Complete Struts Spring Assembly Rear Struts

ECCP provides many types of high-quality products and passionate services for auto parts. Engineers designed it with strict tolerances based on original equipment. They use high-quality elements for making this strut.

They used premium material high silicon to make a better resistance to metal fatigue. Manufacturers make a combination of premium quality strut plus SAE9254 spring steel complete strut. They provide quality of toughness and strength. The competitive strut provides more tolerance to vibration, extreme temperature, and anti-corrosion.

This strut is entirely assembled with an electrophoretic coat. That coat enhances its ability of anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion. The interfaces of these struts are the same as the original one. It ensures that you can directly replace them without any changes. You can install it without facing any problem in a short time.

The spring of this strut encounters the body’s vibration and frame to provide you a better driving experience. And improve the car ride comfort. When driving, you fall into the situation of roll and turn could be ameliorated. It is safer and more stable.


  1. Manufactured by ISO/ TS16949 premium quality strut plus SAE9254 spring steel
  2. Tolerant to extreme temperatures and vibration
  3. Multi-lip piston rod oil seal with the advanced production process
  4. Assemblies electrophoretic coated
  5. Abnormal noise aroused could be eliminated during driving
  6. Pre-assembled struts include struts, bearing, strut mount, strut boot, strut bumper, strut isolator, and coil spring
  7. Product Dimension: 23.62×14.17×7.09 inches


  • Combined with the quality of toughness, strength, and anti-corrosion
  • Extreme level tolerant of vibration
  • Improve the ride comfort of the car
  • Provide a better driving experience


  • One year warranty

3. Detroit Axle All (4) Front and Rear Complete

Strut Detroit Axle is a leading vehicle control product supplier. Detroit Axle All (4) Front and Rear complete Strut is invented by Detroit Axle. Detroit Axle makes the Detroit Axle All (4) Front and Rear Complete Strut with premium-grade quality materials. That ensures a long-lasting spring lifecycle. In ride quality, the quality of the spring reduces the amount of vibration. It has premium-grade bearings, SAE graded bolts, and nuts.

This strut’s rubber root increases the assembly’s life by keeping the road debris off the absorber tube. The high piston rod that is the steel part of the strut uses high-frequency heat treatment. It also controls high rigidity and toughness. While driving, the high rigid piston rod offers safe and pleasing driving. It is precise and polish high-quality requirements.

The oil hydraulic circuit system promotes safety and comfort. It also reduces vehicle vibration—the mounting bracket of the strut moves along with the spindle knuckle. The lower mounting bracket will perfectly match with your current vehicle. The experts translate this strut OE quality Aftermarket.

Detroit Axle Strut Assemblies are appeared ready and complete for installation. That’s why you don’t need to use particular tools or do additional work.


  1. Assembled with the strut, mounting bracket, coil, spring
  2. Oil Hydraulic system reduces extreme vehicle vibration
  3. High-frequency heat treatment
  4. Manufactured with premium grade quality materials
  5. Fits passenger and driver side
  6. Product Dimension: 50×26×46 inches
  7. Weight: 84 pounds


  • Reduces vehicle vibration
  • Moves along with the spindle knuckle
  • Premium grade quality bearings
  • Safe and pleasing driving
  • Long-lasting spring lifecycle


  • One year warranty

4. Win 2X 4pcs Complete Suspension Shock Struts & Coil Springs

Manufacturers are made Win 2X 4pcs Complete Suspension Shock Struts with top-grade industrial material. ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9002 certified these struts for facilities with exquisite craftsmanship. It is 100% mechanically tested before departing the factory. It also ensures enhanced durability and optimal performance.

Brand new Win 2X 4 pcs complete suspension shock struts and coil spring includes all the components like


strut mount

bumper kit,

spring seat

coil spring


isolator etc

All the ingredients are required in a single replacement of strut. It has a Front + Rear Right and Left Sight function. It is imported from the U.S.A. You can install it within a short time very easily. You need not any tool, simply remove the story and replace the original strut assembly in one piece. That saves your time and labor costs.

Win 2X strut improves the overall handling, performance, and safety of your car. It is 100% original condition. This assembly kit is compatible with the 1995-1999 Nissan Maxima 1996-1999 infinity 130 (Excludes Electronic Adjustable Suspension.


  1. Manufactured with top-grade industrial material
  2. Pre-assembled strut assembly easy to install
  3. Don’t need tools required replacement
  4. For Front+Rear Right+Left Sight
  5. ISO 9000,ISO 9001, ISO 9002 certified
  6. Weight: 79.9 pounds
  7. Enhances performance, safety, and handling of vehicles
  8. Mechanically tested


  • Quick and easy replacement
  • Enhanced durability
  • Easy installation saves time labor costs


  • It did not come with the bolts for the bottom.

5. ECCPP 2X Front Complete Strut Assembly Shock Absorber

There are many brands of struts. ECCPP( Epsilon Car Component Producer) is one of them. They made many types of components and accessories for cars. ECCPP designs each product based on strict tolerance on a clear idea of the original equipment parts and performance requirements and vehicles’ original method. They use high standard components to ensure durability and high performance of their products.

The premium quality strut of ISO/TS16949 and SAE9254 spring steel is used to make competitive springs plus special surface treatment. That makes combined complete strut with the quality of anti-corrosion, strength, toughness more tolerant of vibration. This tolerance of vibration improves the ride comfort of the car.

They adopted premium material with high silicon for making high piston rod. It ensures that the strut has better resistance to metal fatigue. Multi- lip piston rod oil seal ensures that the strut will not leak oil. The electrophoretic coat is used to make the appearance of a complete assembly smooth. It also enhances the anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation ability of the struts.

Pre-assembled struts include struts, bearing, coil spring, strut bumper, strut mount, isolator, strut boot, etc.


  1. The premium front quick complete strut assembly fit for 2004,2005,2006,2007,2008 Nissan Maxima compatible with 172240, 172241 Complete Strut.
  2.  SAE9254 spring steel and ISO/TS16949 premium quality strut
  3. Extreme vibration and temperature tolerance
  4. Anti-Oxidation and Anti- Corrosion ability
  5. Electrophoretic coat for a smooth appearance
  6. Products Dimension: 25.83×16.85×8.66 inches


  • Easy installation
  • During driving, aroused abnormal noise could eliminate
  • Extreme level tolerance of temperature
  • Front position


  • A little bit stiffer

Things to Consider When Buying The Best Struts for Nissan Maxima

If you want to buy the best struts for Nissan Maxima, you need to consider a few things. It will value your time and money.

Compatibility of Strut

While you are going to buy a strut, always check that the strut will fit into your vehicle or not. If you spend a few minutes researching the fit strut for your car, you will make sure you find the right strut.

By matching the perfect struts for your vehicle, you will get the best result. Because perfectly fit strut work very well. You can always contact the seller to find the perfect strut that will fit your car. You also should check the compatibility of the seller provide.

Feature of Easy Installation

Every car owner wants a strut that they can easily install in their car. The good news is that the right struts don’t need an extra tool for the installation process. For this manufacturer provide bolt for them.

You can easily install them by yourself. But if you don’t know how you install the struts, it’s best to get help from a professional. They will fit perfectly like OEM gears into your vehicle if the struts are good. It doesn’t stick out anything or leaving too much space.

Durability of Struts

Durability is the most important thing to consider while you are going to buy struts. People don’t want to buy struts frequently because it requires much time and money. So, you don’t like to change your struts too frequently. You can choose a brand product.

Good brands design their product nicely so that they provide services for a long time. You should also know if they give a warranty or don’t. Good brands make struts with high-quality steel for high durability. Coated steel doesn’t catch rust, so they are best for struts.

Strut needs to face many problems so that they need to have a high tolerance to temperature, pressure, and vibration. Such struts will give you excellent service and will last for a long time.

Function of struts

Carrying the vehicle’s weight is the primary function of the strut. And it also keeps the wheels to the ground to keep the cars steady in the road bumps. Good quality struts can handle road bumps. They will provide you a smooth ride and prevent your car from road damage.

Best struts reduce unusual noises from your car’s steering. If the struts are not designed well, it can make clanking noises due to contact with metal to metal. So, you should check the sound reduction feature also.

Another vital function is preventing vehicles from swaying. This great feature only provides the best struts. So, you should check all of these features before buying struts.

Price of Struts

Price is a very essential and considerable thing to purchase struts. Because you don’t want to buy struts with an ample amount, on the contrary, you don’t want to buy the wrong product at a cheap rate. Best struts manufacturers try to provide their products at an affordable price.

Sometimes they are a little costly, but they ensure the quality of their products. You can also see the reviews of struts and select which is affordable and perfect for your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Struts for Nissan Maxima

When someone wants to buy struts online or any market place, they might have some questions in their mind about their desired product. If you are purchasing struts for the first time, you can face some difficulties. That’s why we have provided some frequently asked questions for you.

Q: Do all vehicles have installed struts?

Answer: No. All vehicles don’t have installed struts. So, if your vehicle doesn’t have an installed strut, you need to install it for your vehicle’s safety. Most of the vehicles have installed struts on the front.

Q: What is the purpose of struts?

Answer: Struts are the most important part of the suspension system. Strut carries vehicles’ weight and acts as a shock absorber. That absorbs the vibration from bumps.

Q: Why don’t some vehicles have struts?

Answer: It may occur because of the brand of struts. Good brands try to give all the facilities to their customers. So, they tend to provide the installed struts in vehicles.

Q; What is the difference between struts and shock?

Answer: Shocks absorb the shock of vehicles. Shocks don’t carry vehicle weight. On the other hand, the struts’ primary function is to maintain the vehicle’s weight.

Q: How can I know if I need struts for my car?

Answer: If you notice your car stability is poor, leakage of oil, and it makes noises, then you can upgrade or change the strut.

Q: Do worn out struts affect car driving?

Answer: Yes, worn out struts make problems. Worn out struts will drive the vehicle hard to control and cause trouble in steering.

Final Opinion

If you have a car, it’s a matter of concern to have a worn strut. Worn strut will create many problems for your car and you also. If you want to save your car and yourself, it is a must to install a strut in your car. In this article, we have mentioned the review of the top 5 best struts for Nissan Maxima. So, take a look at these reviews, frequently asked questions, buying, guide, and find out which suits your vehicle. From these reviews, you will know the features of the best struts.

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