The Best Window Visors For Ford F150

Best Window visors for Ford F150
Best Window visors for Ford F150

One of the most refreshing feelings one can ever have while driving on the highway is a wave of fresh air sweeping in through the windows. Especially when it’s just about to rain. That cold atmosphere can be so invigorating. It gives you a nostalgic feeling you’d like to have over and over again.

However, leaving your windows down while it’s raining is almost impossible. Because while enjoying the fresh air, chances are you will be drenched by the wind-driven rain. Hence, the question now is; how can you let fresh air into your car without allowing the incoming rain to soak you?

To answer this question, I will be reviewing the best window visors for Ford F150. Ensure to follow up and get all the info you need.

Best Window Visors For Ford F150 [Top 10 Reviews]

Here is an extensive review of the best Ford F150 window visors that are available in the market today. With these installed in your car, you can be assured that all incoming rain will be deflected off your window while you enjoy the freshness of nature.

1. Auto Ventshade Side (AVS) Window Deflector (194109)

AVS 194109 is the real deal as long as you crave quality! Because all AVS Vent Visors are made of high-quality acrylic material. Consequently, they retain their smoke shade and have the ideal thickness to be tough, yet flexible enough to fit perfectly in your vehicle.

With a unique design that allows for easy installation, this side window deflector ensures proper circulation of fresh air while keeping the rain out of your car.

All you have to do is wind down the windows slightly — just enough to let in the fresh air — and you are good to go. The AVS 194109 technology provides a steady deflector that will keep the rain out, no matter how heavy it is. This deflector also works to prevent rays of sunlight from piercing through your windows and into your skin/eyes.

In other words, with this side window visor installed in your car, you are well-positioned to enjoy ONLY fresh air from the outside — no raindrop, no sunlight, no fogging, or Interior wind noise.

Product Features:

  1. Made in the U.S.
  2. Made of high-quality acrylic material; tinted, and scratch-resistant.
  3. Ensures proper circulation of fresh air while keeping the rain out.
  4. Easy to install. No special drilling or hardware is required.  
  5. Offers a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Made of high-quality acrylic materials to prevent scratch.
  • Easy to install.
  • Allows for proper circulation of air and shields you from incoming rain.


  • The front visors might not fit in properly.

2. Auto Ventshade 94109 Original Ventvisor

AVS 94109 is an original (external mount) dark-smoked window visor, manufactured in the United States, and offers a limited lifetime warranty!

Just like AVS 194109, this side window deflector comes with a particular design that allows you to wind down the window and receive some fresh air even when it is raining heavily. It also helps regulate the interior conditions of your car by eliminating heat, stale odor, smoke, dust, and fog.

One unique feature of AVS 94109 that makes it one of the best window visors for Ford 150 that is custom made and precision-engineered to fit each model of vehicle. So, you need not worry about this product fitting properly after what is truly an easy-to-install process.

Available in chrome and dark smoke finishes, this is arguably the best F150 vent visor you can find in the market today.

Product Features

  1. Lets in the fresh air while keeping out the rain. Allows the fresh air to circulate to prevent heat, odor, and fog.
  2. Noise resistant.
  3. Easy to install and requires no hardware. Glues with 3M automotive-grade adhesive
  4. Precisely manufactured and customized to give your car the best fit.
  5. Offers a limited lifetime warranty and is proudly made in the USA.


  • Built tough
  • Resists noise, rain, heat, fog, bad odor, etc. And lets in the fresh air.
  • Easy to install and fits properly.


  • The front door visors might not align with the door configuration as other brands do.

3. Auto Ventshade 194768 in-Channel Ventvisor

When it comes to classy design, AVS 194768 is one of the best window visors for ford F150 that you can get around. And interestingly, this side window deflector is not all about the design but also about quality and functionality.

With a unique touch of style to your vehicle, this productensures that your car is well ventilated; allowing you to catch all the fresh air you need while keeping the rain, wind, and noise out.

Also, the window visor is easy to install — with no special drilling or hardware required to get the job done. Plus it doesn’t take long.

With pre-applied 3M automotive tape, this patented in-channel design can easily be protected in the window channel, or through the rubber seal.

The deflector also works to protect your eyes and skin from the piercing rays of the sun. You need not worry about the interior temperature of your car while parked under the sun. Because the AVS 194768 technology ensures that your car is slightly open to keep it cool, fresh, and natural.

Product Features

  1. Fits into the window channel for a slim, sleeky appearance
  2. Reduces rising temperature when the vehicle is parked under the sun.
  3. Tinted and reinforced acrylic. Resistant to UV-rays and car-wash scratches.
  4. Naturally retains and circulates fresh air through open windows while keeping the rain out.
  5. Easy to install, with no drilling required.
  6. Made in the USA.


  • Beautiful, classy, and stylish
  • Easy to install
  • Allows proper circulation of air and keeps rains out.


  • The product might be poorly packaged which could result in a few scratches during shipment.

4. Auto Ventshade 194515 In-Channel Ventvisor

Did you miss those waves of fresh air on your face because you are scared of opening your windows and getting drenched? Then you need not panic anymore.

Just like other F150 window Visors, this particular model will give you exactly what you need in terms of ventilation. Because even when your windows are a bit down, and you are at top speed, and under whatever weather condition — rain, sun, wind, or storm — you can rest assured that all you’ll receive inside your car is FRESH AIR. Every other discomforting element like dust, heat, or sun rays CANNOT penetrate.

Precision-engineered, easy to install without any drilling required, and with an exacting fit, this product is manufactured to offer your car a perfect finishing touch — giving it a stylish appearance, with the ideal functionality expected from a quality window deflector.

Product Features

  1. Deflects rain off your car and lets in the fresh air
  2. Lower profile, curved design,
  3. Perfect fit for each vehicle model
  4. Easy installation without drilling


  • Top-quality and stylish product with ideal functionality.


  • A few packaging or shipment errors might happen.

5. Auto Ventshade 194242 Ford F150 In-channel Ventvisor

This product is similar to the typical AVS in-channel vent visors. For instance, you will still find it easy to install without needing any further drilling or hardware.

When installed properly, this can be considered as one of the best window visors for ford F150. Because it is manufactured to fit perfectly into your car while ensuring that its beauty and functionality is up to the mark.

However, the only issue with this product is the pre-applied 3M adhesive tape and rubber seal that are below par in terms of quality — unlike other AVS models. As a result of this, if you are not careful with the installation, the visors might not fit in or hold on properly. And with such weak fittings, you might experience some wind noise while speeding on the highway.

Product Features

  1. Allows in the fresh air and prevents rain from entering your car.
  2. Easy to install and needs no form of drilling.
  3. Fits perfectly when installed properly.
  4. Scratch-resistant.


  • Easy to install and requires no extra drilling.
  • Scratch and car-wash resistant.


  • Pre-applied adhesives and seals are not good enough.
  • The poorly attached visors might fall away or scratch your glass.

6. Auto Ventshade 194355 Ford F150 In-channel Window Visor

This is an outstanding 4-piece in-channel set that can fit into a wide range of vehicles including; 2001-2006 full-size crew cab trucks and SUVs. It also fits into 2007 HD Classic Crew Cab Models. Hence, this stock is very versatile and largely reliable.

If your Ford F150 window visors are old and need to be replaced, then this should be your best buy. Because the price for this model is just average when compared to others, yet it offers far more value than the average vent visors you can find in the market.

AVS 194355 is a widely recommended window visor that gives your Ford FI50 a finishing touch, bestowing it a subtle classy look that can only be compared to absolute modernity.

Apart from the nice looks, this amazing window visor ensures that getting some fresh air into your car during a rainy day is no big deal.

Product Features

  1. Precision-engineered to fit into each model,
  2. Tinted and resistant to car-wash, UV, and scratches,
  3. Allows in the fresh air, circulates fresh air, and keeps rain, heat, and odor away.
  4. Easy and fast to install. No drilling is required,
  5. Available in 4-piece.
  6. Made in the United States.


  • Fits perfectly into your Ford F150
  • Price-friendly, top-quality, and durable.


  • Needs extra filing to install. The edges are sharp.

7. Auto Ventshade 194101 In-Channel Ventvisor

AVS 194101 deflectors will install perfectly in your car’s window channel to give your vehicle a streamlined look, making it stylish and classy.

In terms of functionality, this window deflector offers the best anybody can expect. It works well to protect the eyes and skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Similarly, with these visors around your windows, you need not worry about getting soaked by the rain. You can wind down the window a little and get in some fresh air while keeping out rain, dust, and noise.

Interestingly, you don’t have to fret over the quality and durability of this product, because just like other window visors for Ford 150, this model is made of high-quality acrylic material, which means; they retain their smoke color with just the right thickness to be hard, yet flexible, for an excellent fit.

Product Features

  1. Made of high-quality acrylic material. Flexible and durable.
  2. Easy to install
  3. Allows in the fresh air and keeps noise and rain out.
  4. Expels heat
  5. Anti-scratch and carwash-suitable.


  • A high-quality and durable product
  • Easy to install
  • Promotes proper ventilation
  • Attractive price (cost-effective)


  • It might fit poorly when the installation is not properly done.
  • You might also encounter difficulty winding your glasses up and down. Moreover, overriding the auto-reverse sensor could end up cracking the glasses or visors.

8. Auto Ventshade 94251 Original Ventvisor

This is a 4-piece external mount (original) window visor that can fit into a wide range of Ford cars. It also matches 2008-2016 Town & Country and 2008-2018 Grand Caravan.

If you’ve been experiencing a lot of wind noise or interior noise in your car lately, or you’ve been hesitating to wind down your windows during the rain for fear of being drenched, then I recommend you buy this product.

This original window visor doesn’t only help prevent the rain and sun from coming in, but also allows you to enjoy the cool breeze. Moreover, with this product, you get to leave your car under the scorching sun without the fear of interior heat!

What more can you ask for?

Product Features;

  1. Allows fresh air in and deflects rain off the windows.
  2. Reduces interior noise and heat
  3. Fits properly into the ideal models
  4. Easy to install without further drilling.
  5. Attaches with 3M automotive-grade adhesives
  6. Made In the United States. And offers a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Easy to install with no further drilling required.
  • Reduces interior heat and noise
  • Allows in the fresh air and keeps rain out.


  • The adhesive is below par.
  • The packaging needs to improve.

9. Auto Ventshade 94975 Original Ford F150 Window Visor

AVS 94975 is my next pick for one of the best window visors for Ford f150.

With a 4-piece set, this original precision-engineered and custom-made window visor can perfectly fit into a wide range of FORD cars like;

  • 2015 to 2019 Ford F-150,
  • 2017 to 2019 Raptor,
  • F-250 to F-550 Super Duty (SuperCrew Cab).

Another interesting feature of this product is that with the 3M adhesive tape, you can mount it above and around your car windows within minutes and it sticks firmly.

Moreover, it provides enough shade for your windows, allowing you to wind down a bit to let In fresh air while keeping the rain and sun away from your car chamber.

Product Features

  1. Lets in the fresh air and keeps the rain off your car
  2. Prevents interior heat and window or mirror fogging.
  3. Molded for an exacting fit and precision-engineered for the ideal model.
  4. Easy to install with no further drilling
  5. Scratch-resistant and safe for washing


  • Ensures proper circulation of air and keeps the rain off your car.
  • Reduces interior heat and prevents window/mirror fogging.
  • Easy to install
  • Scratch-resistant


  • It might not fit properly at times.

10. Auto Ventshade 94155 FI50 Original Ventvisor

This US-made product is precision-engineered, which makes it suitable for your Ford F-150. Moreover, installing it is very easy as it comes with a pre-applied 3M automotive-grade adhesive, thus, it sticks above and around your windows immediately.

Even while washing your car, you won’t have to worry about any water spilling inside because these visors are there to prevent that. Moreover, their presence will ensure the mirrors don’t get fogged, and interior noise is reduced. It also prevents UV rays from penetrating the car and getting to your skin or eyes.

More importantly, If you miss the feel of fresh air on your face and are craving for a long ride with some cold air sweeping your hair, then this window visor will perfectly meet your demands. Because it safely keeps the rain out and allows fresh air to naturally circulate inside your car.

Product Features;

  1. Precision-engineered for a perfect fit
  2. An easy installation process with no further drilling required
  3. Allows for natural air circulation while keeping out the rain.
  4. Resists Scratch, sun, heat, and fogs.
  5. Made in the USA


  • A perfect fit for most Ford products
  • Easy to install
  • Prevents sun and rain while circulating fresh air in the car


  • It might easily crack if not installed properly.
  • The packaging needs to get better.

How To Determine The Best Window Visors For Ford F150

All the Ford F150 window visors discussed above are quite reliable. However, your best option depends on your cravings and the problem you intend to solve.

To ascertain your best choice, you have to consider the available types of window visors and determine which one meets your demands.

Of course, there are two main types of ford F150 window visors which are; in-channel visors and tape-on visors (or Original/external).

F150 In-channel Visors

F150 in-channel visors are built to fit into your window channels with the aid of pre-applied 3M automotive tape.

So, if your main concern is to not compromise your car’s painting and finishing, then this should be the right choice for you. Because in-channel visors are installed into the window channels and not externally. The 3M adhesives that pose a risk to your car’s paint will only be attached inside the channel and not on the outside.

Moreover, in-channel window visors look beautiful and are less prone to damage, they are also easy to uninstall — unlike the tape-on types.

However, these in-channel visors must fit accurately, else, they may loosen and fall away. Again, due to their proximity to your car’s windows, they may end up scratching the glasses when loose.

F150 Tape-on (Original) Visors

Tape-on visors are mounted externally with the use of 3M adhesive tapes. These tapes are fixed at the base of the deflectors which are connected to the car’s windows.

The main advantage of tape-on visors is that they deflect rain better. Because they extend further outside the window channels. Another benefit is that these visors don’t meet the windows at any point. Hence, there won’t be any risk of having scratches on your glasses.

Nevertheless, the major issue with tape-on visors is when you want to uninstall them. For the fact that they are strongly fixed on your car’s windows, removing them could jeopardize your car’s paint.


Having considered the two broad types of window visors, you can choose the one that best satisfies your demands.

But before making your final decision, you also have to consider;

1.The quality of the window visor; Products with acrylic materials are stronger and more durable.

2. The cost-effectiveness; how much is the product and how functional is it?

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs About the Best Window Visors for Ford F150

Q. Are Side Window Deflectors Worth It?

A: Yes. It’s quite relieving to have window deflectors in your car. Because they prevent rain, sun, and other unwanted elements from penetrating through the window. And also allows fresh air to circulate naturally in your car no matter how harsh the weather is.

Q. Do window visors reduce wind noise?

A: Window visors can help reduce the buffeting noise caused by the wind. But cannot stop wind noise entirely. However, they do a great job to prevent rain and sun from getting into your car.

Q. Do Side-window Deflectors Keep The Window Clean?

A: Window visors do not prevent dirt from touching your windows. They are only effective in preventing dust and other impurities from entering your car.

Q. Are Side-window Deflectors Safe From Car-wash?

A: Yes! If your window visor is made of acrylic material, then it is strong enough to easily withstand car wash.

Final Thoughts;

Talking about the Best Window Visors For Ford F150, we understand that AVS products are generally up to the mark. So, making a single choice might be a bit tricky. That not with standing, our best pick remains Auto Ventshade 194768 In-Channel Ventvisor. It delivers OEM-quality performance and protects you from rain, snow, and toxic UV rays while driving. It also reduces wind noise to ensure a more comfortable ride

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