How to Clean Car’s AC Condenser

How to Clean Car’s AC Condenser

You can do this as a preventative maintenance to keep your ac condenser operating optimally. This service could help you if you find out your air conditioning is not performing very well. 

How to Clean Car’s AC Condenser Properly

Tools That You Need to Clean Ac Condenser:

  1. Wrench
  2. Sockets
  3. Coil cleaner
  4. Brush
  5. Spray bottle

Other Necessary Things:

  1. Dust mask
  2. A pair of rubber gloves
  3. Safety glasses

10 steps to Clean Car’s AC Condenser

If you follow these steps you can easily clean your AC condenser. You don’t need to go to go to a service centre and you can save your money. Here’s a handy guide to clean your car AC condenser. 

Step-1: First remove the front bumper from your car. In order to do that you need to remove couple of clips and some bunch of screws. 

Step-2: Secondly you have to use your wrench to remove some bolts to remove your bumper. Then you can move the bumper away. Then you will see your car’s ac condenser. 

Step-3:  Get some garbage bag and cover some areas in the engine bay near the condenser

Step-4: Cleaning your car’s condenser is a challenge. If you have a soft bristle brush you can use it to clean the dirt from the ac condenser. You have to be very gentle because the fins on the ac condenser are very soft. Make sure you turned off the engine of your car.

Step-5: Use coil cleaner spray to remove the grime and grease from your ac condenser. Shake the bottle and spray it to the ac condenser. Then it will start foaming up. 

Step-6: Let it sit for five minutes. Then rinse it off with water and air dry it.  You can use the coil cleaner a second time and clean it with water. Now it is perfectly cleaned. Do it carefully. Don’t wet the other wires in the engine bay. It may cause a short circuit. Don’t do this when the engine is hot. Keep rinsing until all the detergent is cleaned off. 

Step-7: If your ac condenser has two-part. Then do the same cleaning process for the other part. If you have Compressor, you can use a blow gun and blow some of the water out from the ac condenser.

Step-8: Take out the garbage bag and clean the area around bumper and condenser before reinstalling the bumper.

Step-9:  Your cleaning is done. Reinstall the front bumper cover . Don’t forget to reconnect fog lamp. 

Step-10: Lastly put back the clips. Use your wrench to put back the screws. It’s better to buy new clips and screws.  Put back on the bolt on the bumper cover. Your work is now done. 

After doing all this cleaning, you will see the improvement in performance of your car’s air conditioning system.


After reading this article, you already know cleaning your car’s AC condenser is crucial. This article will help you to adopt the appropriate cleaning process.

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